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Mets RHP Zack Wheeler let up five runs in six innings Sunday and later acknowledged he needs to quickly turn his season around.

"It's been a bunch of bad starts in a row here," Wheeler said Sunday evening. "I need to hurry up and turn it around and get back on the right track."

Wheeler has allowed 17 runs in 20 innings during his last four starts.

"Obviously, guys are starting to figure me out a little bit," he added. "I was thinking after I came out I might be a little bit predictable right now."

He's predictable. However, worse, it seems he doesn't make any in-game adjustments. If it plagues him in the second inning, it plagues him in the third, fourth, and so on. He's already switched up his delivery, bringing his hands up over his head to mimic his motion from when he was younger. Whatever the problem, though, he and Dan Warthen haven't found a solution.

There will be an argument made to send Wheeler down to Triple-A when Dillon Gee is ready to return from the disabled list next week, assuming Rafael Montero and Jacob deGrom are pitching well. My instinct is to let him work it out with Warthen in the big leagues. However, I'm reserving judgement on this until a decision is mandatory, because so much can happen between now and then.

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