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The Mets have added Zack Wheeler as a 12th man to the big-league roster for the purposes of today's double-header.

As such, if Wheeler pitches today and the weather doesn't interfere, he will be sent back to the minors, most likely Triple-A Las Vegas, until Monday or Tuesday of next week, when he is expected to rejoin the Mets for his second big-league start.

"The purpose of this move, which is available to us due to this 12th man rule, is to be able to keep a full compliment of 25 players, in spite of the fact that - at least temporarily - we are in a six-man rotation," Alderson explained.

According to Alderson, Wheeler has been aware of this move since Monday, when he joined the team in Atlanta.

This is smart. It's the best and only way to play this. It's a wrinkle in the rule, and Alderson is capitalizing on it to give him the most available players during the next week of games. Wheeler will have to go to a minor-league affiliate, but he won't start, he'll just throw his bullpen and wait. It's what he'd be doing with the big-league team, but just not actually with the big-league team. Then, next week, he'll rejoin the Mets and probably stay - hopefully - for the rest of his career...

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