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The Giants activated safety Will Hill on Saturday and placed CB Michael Coe on injured reserve. Hill completed his four-game suspension for violating the league's PED rules this week. The team was granted a one-week roster exemption to carry Hill until they could figure out roster space for him. It didn't take that long.

Coe injured his hamstring at practice on Wednesday and became the casualty. With Kenny Phillips and Jacquian Williams not making the trip to Cincinnati, Hill returns as the gunner on special teams coverage (boy, did they miss him and Williams the past few weeks) and will provide depth at safety on defense.


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The Giants made a habit of accumulating defensive backs this past offseason. Now, one week into the season, they are finding themselves shorthanded.

Prince Amukamara (ankle) is still not sure when he will return to action. His replacement, Michael Coe, left Wednesday's game with a hammy and is still being evaluated. With Terrell Thomas done for the year and Corey Webster looking beleaguered against the fleet Dallas receivers, Giant fans are ready to switch to Code Red.

Tom Coughlin is stressing out, too. This is a passing league and he has a Who's Who of NFL QBs on his schedule this year. He's got about a week to work it out. The Coe injury during the Dallas game showed the world the Giants are shallow in their defensive backfield.

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Some postgame reactions by the Giants after their 24-17 opening night loss to the Dallas Cowboys:

"Take a bite out of humble pie is basically what it is. It brings you right back to earth. There won?t be any blowing smoke up their rear ends as far as that. Last year is last year and this year is this year. Every team is a new team, every year is a new year, we have our work cut out for us, it?s a great challenge for us now. I think?Michael Coe?injured a hamstring again, so there is another corner we?re staring at being down. But we?ve rubbed salt in it right now and I think that hopefully the competitive nature of our guys comes out and we come out swinging." - head coach Tom Coughlin on his postgame message to the team

"Just to be a little bit more crisp in what we are doing, what we are representing. Understand what is going to be thrown at us. Understand that we have to capture opportunities when they present themselves. And we will get better, we will get better. Practice will be a little bit more crisp, a little bit more focused, a little more sharp. You know, we?ll do that." - Safety Antrel Rolle on Coughlin's postgame message

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The Giants are off today as they transition their preseason training from UAlbany back to the Timex Performance Center where practices resume tomorrow. Practices will not be open to the public.

With the upstate portion of training camp officially over, the Giants are back in New Jersey where they can sleep tight in their own beds for the rest of the year. The mattresses at UAlbany were being blamed for just about everything, from being too small to even being the cause of back injuries.

?We?re big humans. Every bed is small,? TE Martellus Bennett told reporters yesterday. ?You can?t put a damn dinosaur in a twin-sized bed. ... A normal-sized human jumps into a regular-sized bed and it fits perfectly. Large, big humans jump in a regular-sized bed, the bed?s too small. My back doesn't hurt. My back feels great. I have a great back."

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