michael floyd

For the next couple of weeks I will try to go over the holes that this team has going into the NFL Draft with their options on how to deal with it along with how I think they should approach it

The Problem:?During the 2011 season the Jets struggled to get their passing game going. They finished the season 21st in passing offense, their best receiver, Dustin Keller, finished with a total of 815 yards, and Santonio Holmes struggled to get separation for most of the season, finishing with just 654 yards. Although, Santonio has the ability to be a threat on the fly pattern, overall his real strength is that slant pattern that he did so well during the 2010 season. But for that to work the Jets need to sign a credible deep threat next to him to take opposing defenses away from Santonio a little. The Jets thought Plax could be that guy, but he was not, and now they need to find a deep threat that defenses have to game plan for.

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