Mike Ditka

Former NFL great Mike Ditka speaks affirmatively and plainly. ?He usually makes a ton of sense. ?This week, in a interview with Dave Krieger of the Denver Post, Ditka did hold back in his criticism and analysis of the current state of our great game.

The Super Bowl-winning player and coach blames ego, not greed, as the root of the problem behind the league's current labor woes. He also served a hard dose of humility to some of the more outspoken players:

"Some of the younger players, the comments they make don't make any sense....somebody saying they make $12 million a year, and they're saying people call them a slave? I mean, I'm not sure I really understand any of this. There's nowhere in society where you can go out and make $12 million. Nowhere! If you're a rocket scientist, you can't do it. You just can't do it!"

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