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It was an up and down week in Islander Country, starting with a poor effort in Nashville last Saturday, a 59-minute performance Thursday and culminating last night with too little, too late against Carolina. Welcome to Ups and Downs, which is an elaborate excuse to use these green and red arrows to make various points.The Chuck Norris Thumbs Up of the Week...goes to Michael Grabner for notching his sixth assist of the season in his seventh game on Thursday night. That's more than he had during all of last season when he had only five in 48 games.Who's Up/Who's Down Matt Moulson's even strength play is down this week, as he is having trouble producing at five-on-five since being removed from John Tavares' wing. Hard to tell what the motive was for that, but Moulson only has two even strength points on the season. He's still with Tavares on the power play and is doing quite well there with four power play points in his last three games (although to be fair one of his two power play goals was literally a shot he got hit by). Evgeni Nabokov's save percentage was at .925 prior to Saturday's game. It's still at .914, which is around the league average for the past couple of years, and and slightly higher than his career mark. It would be a great surprise if he held up those kind of numbers all season long. Don't hold your breath.Brock Nelson is literally down this week, sent to Bridgeport to get some game action today. That's all well and good. The down arrow here is actually for management for being pretty indecisive with what to do with the young forward. I don't mind what they've done switching Matt Donovan in and out of the lineup, but Nelson has to play more regularly. Sitting for a week doesn't help. Pointing out that fans irrationally overreact to early season losses is down this week. We get it, the average person overreacts to short-sighted outcomes. This is the internet where quick rants, strong reactions and #HOTTAKES are king. This is not a thing that only exists in Islander county. And speaking of......the shootout is also down this week. Because it's an arbitrary end to the game that improperly alters the reaction following the game from both fans and players. Especially when it comes to players who will mope around since a shootout loss is a loss, no matter how the other 65 minutes went. The shootout is great for its entertainment value, ability to get more casual fans excited about the game and the fact that ties are a plague upon the earth. But there's got to be a better way. Maybe longer OT? Sorry for the ranting, if you couldn't tell I had a small epiphany on Tuesday night.and :?Mike Francesa's Diet Coke is down, then up.
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Head coach Tom Coughlin called in to the Mike Francesa Show on WFAN here in New York this afternoon to discuss the draft class of 2013.

On the overall perception of the draft:?"We feel good about the draft. I've always been a big believer that if you strengthen your offensive and defensive lines and create and have enough big people you have a chance to compete. We've got good players here, we supplemented with some youngsters that we really look forward to having them come in. We took the QB Nassib, who we were very high on, the grades were extremely high. He was the highest-ranked player when we took him, and then we added some guys at the bottom that are very, very interesting.

"Cooper Taylor, for example. A big safety who can run, is very smart who had a lot of statistics throughout his career. Eric Herman - a guy who'll fight ya, a battler who helped his team rush for 175 yards against Penn State."

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No, I don't have a sore arm. My arm feels good. In practice the ball's coming out well. The deep throws are going where they need to be, so no - there's no sore arm, no injuries.
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WFAN's Mike Francesa is joined by Eli Manning to discuss the Giants' 24-20 loss to the Steelers and how the team was affected by Hurricane Sandy.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WrZx6IznaK4&w=560&h=315]

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from Andy Furman of Ultimate NYG...

I am not a big fan of everything that Mike Francesa says, but I was listening to him give his monologue Friday and I think he made a lot of very good points:

1) The Giants are a big play team. They are #1 in the league in plays for 30+ yds. Do not try to make them a possession/run team.

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"While he was completely wrong to do so, hearing Darrelle Revis, one of the biggest stars in the NFL, basically call out Francesa as the pompous, arrogant, know-it-all that he is, was classic. ?Revis was awesome before, but he took it up another notch yesterday." - Chris Matassino
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Mara said the Giants also offered ?a huge deal? to Steve Smith last season ? reportedly around $35 million over five years?that was rejected before the receiver got injured.?The truth is last year during the season, we tried to sign him to a long-term deal, a huge deal that would have made him one of the highest-paid receivers in the league,? Mara said. - Jeff Roberts / Bergen Record
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WFAN's Mike Francesa broadcasted?his?show from Timex?today. Click on each name below to listen to the interviews:

John Mara

Jerry Reese

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Giants co-owner John Mara joined WFAN and YES Network's?Mike Francesa this afternoon, just a short time after the NFL lockout officially ended.

Mara talked about the lockout's?resolution, what's in store for Giants fans, and some other?topics including his belief that the 18-game schedule debate, which the players?were against, will be revived at some point.

During the negotiations, Mara told?Dallas owner Jerry Jones that he'd wear a Cowboys jersey around Times Square if?Jones could get the players to approve an 18-game schedule.

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Tiki Barber was called a "failure" by radio host Mike Francesa on WFAN yesterday.

If you listen, it's apparent that Francesa wants to make a point that athletes can't always make the jump from the field to the studio without a hitch.


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