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Mike Lupica writes about the Jets this morning and says that all the hype around the Jets this offseason has led to this being one of the most highly awaited?starts for the season for the Jets.

It is such a big reason why the football game they play today against the Bills is one of the most anticipated openers in Jets history. It isn?t because of the opponent, even though the Bills have a chance to be pretty good. Isn?t because the Jets are coming off a big year, or because anybody is picking them to pick themselves up and get back to the AFC Championship Game or finally knock the Patriots out of first place in the AFC East.
I think this is definitely so. ?The way the Jets season ended so poorly, while the Giants rode a mediocre regular season to the Super Bowl. ?The Jets were right on the verge of making the playoffs for three weeks, and then after the implosion against Miami ... it left a terrible taste in Jets fans mouths. ?Since early January fans have been looking for their team to prove that their talented and they can keep it together. ?Can they?

The Jets will find out today with the team that many pundits expect to beat out the Jets this year in the standings. ?This is a perfect game for the Jets to make a statement. ?To prove that they are as good as we (and they) think they are.

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Writing in the Daily News today, Mike Lupica?says Tom Coughlin should keep his job as Giants' coach, saying there's plenty of blame to go around and that it's unfair to put it all on Coughlin.

Tom Coughlin ought to keep his job whether or not he beats the Redskins on Sunday. And whether or not the Packers beat the Bears. The idea that everything should come down to one roll of the dice in Washington is ridiculous. If you want to fire him for losing to the Redskins, fire him now.

Coughlin hasn't had a great year. It was another lousy December. He still had a better year than his quarterback, he had a better year than his defense, he had a better year than his coordinators. And he had a better year than his general manager. The closest thing the Giants have to impact players, on either side of the ball, going into what is supposed to be a make-or-break game for the head coach, are these two: Eli Manning, Ahmad Bradshaw.

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