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In the comments section recently, Alex said this about Mike Rupp "And how many shots did Rupp block? 0 ! Because he is too slow to even block shots. He is a disgrace as a player and should be sent to Charlotte. He isnt even good enough to play in the AHL! "

Howiehockey said in the comments section of another post, "I'd buyout Rupp. With the exception of one or two games he has been a total bust.

And his intimidation and fighting skills have diminished greatly. Devereaux would be a lot better. Slats are you listening."

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via Puck Daddy

UPDATE: Nick Kypreos tweets that the Rangers have signed Mike Rupp.

The deal is for three years and a total of $4.5 million. His cap hit will be $1.5 million per season.

Follow Rupp on TWITTER. He is 6-5, 230.

Tags: Mike Rupp, Mike Rupp Video, Rangers, Adam Rotter
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