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In NFL.com's Around the League's latest NFL quarterback rankings, Eli Manning landed in the 7 spot, under the category of "Franchise Gold."

Manning is one of four quarterbacks to be placed in this second tier of rankings along with Drew Brees (4), Ben Roethlisberger (5) and Matt Ryan (6).

Brees, Big Ben and Manning all own Super Bowl titles, and Ryan appears poised to follow suit sometime in the near future, as his Falcons were a mere 30 seconds from having an opportunity in 2012.

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I think they?re something like second in the league in takeaways. Sometimes when you play that aggressive style of ball, they give up some explosive plays, but they?re ball hawks, they really are. I think their front four does a great job of helping out that back end in terms of creating pressure on the passer and forcing quarterbacks to make some decisions before they want to. That?s one of the things that jumps out on tape when you watch them.
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By defeating the Atlanta Falcons by a score of 17 to 14, the New Orleans Saints clinched one of two NFC wild cards. The Giants now need a Packers loss to stay alive.


The stage was set for yet another Matt Ryan comeback drive, but clueless coach Mike Smith decided to punt the ball away and hope that his defense could stop Drew Brees from picking up ten yards on three plays, and then hope his offense could drive all the way down the field in under a minute with no time outs remaining. He thought there was a better chance of this happening than of Matt Ryan completing a six yard pass.

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