Mike T

The Darrelle Revis situation is at once the most understandable, ridiculous and thoroughly frustrating scenario the Jets and their fans have had to go through in the past 12 months. That?s saying something.

But to understand this situation, we have to look back at 12 months? worth of poor decisions and strange fascinations that got the Jets in this spot in the first place and why the man that made those decisions could not have solved the Revis problem.

From hiring Tony Sparano as the one to take Mark Sanchez to the next level by taking the ball out of his hands (think about that) to then extending Sanchez for millions of guaranteed dollars and trading for Tim Tebow, it was a strange offseason. Made even weirder by Rex Ryan calling the talent-deficient roster possibly the best team he?s had since he came to New York (ego boost, anyone?) and proceeding to watch said team collapse in on itself, betrayed by, guess what ? a lack of talent, particularly at quarterback.

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