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The Darrelle Revis situation is at once the most understandable, ridiculous and thoroughly frustrating scenario the Jets and their fans have had to go through in the past 12 months. That?s saying something.

But to understand this situation, we have to look back at 12 months? worth of poor decisions and strange fascinations that got the Jets in this spot in the first place and why the man that made those decisions could not have solved the Revis problem.

From hiring Tony Sparano as the one to take Mark Sanchez to the next level by taking the ball out of his hands (think about that) to then extending Sanchez for millions of guaranteed dollars and trading for Tim Tebow, it was a strange offseason. Made even weirder by Rex Ryan calling the talent-deficient roster possibly the best team he?s had since he came to New York (ego boost, anyone?) and proceeding to watch said team collapse in on itself, betrayed by, guess what ? a lack of talent, particularly at quarterback.

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In case you missed it, ESPN's Mike & Mike had a number of Jets folks on their show this morning. ?Here's the links to the interviews.

[sny-box]Rex Ryan: Talks about Sanchez and Tebow, many of the rest of his offensive skill players and much more. - Listen

Mike Tannenbaum:?Tebow/Sanchez, the Jets troubles in the preseason, replacement refs, facing the Bills. -?Listen

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Kristine Reese is a guest columnist for TJB, taking on some of the toughest topics about the New York Jets. ?Find more of her work at the female based sports networ,?Aerys Sports, and as an integral part of the nascent?Flight 5 team. ?Follow Kristine on Twitter @KristineReese.

There is never a dull moment in Jets land, and the last six months have served as a constant reminder.?After a 2011 season filled with great expectations ended in a downward spiral and an equally - if not more - dramatic?off-season dominated headlines, there is little doubt all eyes will be on the New York Jets in 2012.?And while Mark Sanchez, Tim Tebow and Rex Ryan will all dominate the majority of the conversation, there is another name that also deserves just as much consideration: General Manager Mike Tannenbaum.

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We're going to start welcoming some new writers into the fold here at TJB in the coming days. ?We're happy to present Daniel Kamali, who will be writing for us in the days and weeks ahead.

Just a scant few weeks go after long and weary week filled with Peyton to Jets rumors, Mike Tannenbaum held a conference call to announce the extension of Mark Sanchez. The Jets signed him to a three year extension worth a guaranteed $20.5 mill. It gave an apology to Mark Sanchez for going after Peyton and also provides cap relief for the 2012 season. ?But most importantly, for the first time ever the Jets are ready to be patient with something into which they invested so much.

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So what exactly happened within the team to send Derrick Mason packing? If you buy the Jets' official line, and what Mike Tannenbaum has said, then it's merely a question of performance and money. Tannenbaum's quote soon after the deal was made was that Mason "just didn't play the level that he had hoped and we had hoped." And so Derrick Mason was demoted against the Patriots in favor of rookie Jeremy Kerley and traded away two days later.

That explanation doesn't sit well with a lot of people. For instance, Plaxico Burress, who said this on Wednesday:

?My production hasn?t been all that great either,? Burress said yesterday. ?Santonio?s production hasn?t been all that great either. So you can?t just point at one guy. You can?t just say it was his production.?
In a post made on Thursday, Eric Manassy took this issue and ran with it, calling out Kerley's stats vs Mason's. In five games, Mason has made 13 receptions for 115 yards and no touchdowns. Kerley has started only one game and has had three reception for 35 yards and a touchdown. Manassy assumes that Kerley's performance could only have been what the team has seen in preseason.

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(Plaxico Burress and Mark Sanchez sharing a laugh at training camp. Photo from The New Jersey Star Ledger.)

In the New York Post today, Mike Tannenbaum described the way the Jets went about signing Plaxico Burress. Much of the story focuses on the last-minute nature of the deal: how an offer was made to Burress during his one-hour layover in Los Angeles on his way to Pittsburgh and how he drove for 30 minutes looking for a hotel he could spend the night in (and fax a contract to the Jets from) after making his decision.

Then, there's this, which is just pure Tanny:

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Gang Green swung and missed on Asomugha this week, it's a tough pill to swallow but we need to move on. What magic Tanny has needs to be tapped into now.

With negotiations moving forward with Cromartie and Braylon likely not being brought back the Jets will be looking for more help.

Let's play GM for a moment. Knowing what our needs are, what would be your top three moves?

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Recently, Mike Tannenbaum has struck up a friendship with Bill McDermott, a co-CEO of SAP, a business software company. McDermott, who brought his company unprecedented success, had this to say about the Jets and its current leadership:

?I?ve been with the Jets since the 1960s and I?ve suffered through some very tough years with them. What I?ve seen Mike Tannenbaum, Rex Ryan and Woody Johnson do is nothing short of just stunning. I think if you compare that to any turnaround, whether it?s sports or business, it?s truly a case study in excellence. I wanted to learn from Mike, and I have.?
The entire article is here, and is rather interesting
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