Mike Tomlin

In NFL.com's Around the League's latest NFL quarterback rankings, Eli Manning landed in the 7 spot, under the category of "Franchise Gold."

Manning is one of four quarterbacks to be placed in this second tier of rankings along with Drew Brees (4), Ben Roethlisberger (5) and Matt Ryan (6).

Brees, Big Ben and Manning all own Super Bowl titles, and Ryan appears poised to follow suit sometime in the near future, as his Falcons were a mere 30 seconds from having an opportunity in 2012.

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Fourth Quarter:?

- The Giants?Special?teams lets them down once again and the Steelers will begin the drive from the 12 yard line.

- It becomes a problem that the Giants can not hold onto a lead or put away teams with touchdowns. They can only have so?many?late comebacks before that?philosophy?hurts them.

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??They do what is required. They have a bunch of guys that have been on big stages. They know how to win. They are very well coached. They have a stable work environment.........That is varsity football, as we say in our business. Looking at what they have done this year, it?s equally as impressive. They are 6-2. They?ve won their last four games. They do things that winning teams do.?
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