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Shortly ago today, Mike Westhoff addressed the media in what might be his last time as an NFL coach.



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FLORHAM PARK, N.J. ? On a day where Tim Tebow and anonymous quotes were all the talk at the Jets facility, punter Robert Malone somehow squeezed out a rare compliment from head coach Rex Ryan on Wednesday afternoon. The irony is that he has Tebow to thank for it.

Ryan was talking about the impact that Tebow has had on his team this season and mentioned the once scoffed at idea of his role on special teams as a personal punt protector. Tebow?s impact has been felt on special teams, including most recently in Week 6 when the Jets faked a punt and he tossed to linebacker Nick Bellore for a 23-yard gain and a first down. It was a major moment in what turned out to be a Jets blowout win over the Colts.

But what?s not been talked about is the impact that Tebow?s presence is having on Robert Malone?s ability to punt.

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?To me, he?s one of those .. guys that takes what he does and does it 100 percent and doesn?t ask anything else out of it."

-- Mike Westhoff on Tim Tebow
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How serious are the Jets about using Tim Tebow as their personal punt protector this season? ?Sounds like it's pretty serious according to the article Rich Cimini wrote for ESPN New York a few days back. ?In it, Cimini details how the team came up with the role for the backup quarterback and what it means for him to play special teams in such a capacity.

The Jets have had some quality protectors in past years but as Cimini notes, there's one big concern about using a guy like Tebow in such a role for the Jets.

Critics of the Tebow plan will argue that the Jets are sacrificing coverage ability by using a player with no experience as a tackler. Tebow, used extensively in the preseason, didn't make a single tackle.

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If it's any consolation, while the offense and the defense might be spotty, one phase of the game is working consistently for the Jets: special teams. A pair of articles in The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal extol the virtues of Mike Westhoff's kickoff and return teams. And for good reason. The Jets are currently at 2nd place in yards allowed per kickoff return and at 1st place in kickoff returns, averaging 33.4 yards.

In his WSJ article, Chris Herring focuses on the success of Westhoff's system, especially in the face of the recent NFL rule changes:

...[Westhoff] too has seen what appears to be the interchangeability of the team's kick returner. "I believe it shows that our system works," Westhoff said. "Unlike with punt returners, who kind of do their own thing, you get the chance to orchestrate this a little more. We get to interject a little more."

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In this week's "Four Quarters" (video link here), Mike Westhoff described the design of the game-changing punt block by Joe McKnight, and how even he was surprised by the outcome:

?I thought strategically we would have three guys on two. If we did this exactly correct, we may get that,? Westhoff said. ?I didn?t think it would necessarily be Joe. I thought the fullback would step in and take Joe, and we?d get 2-on-1 on the corner. As it turned out, they actually moved out a little bit better than I thought, although the fullback probably went further out than what they?d like him to, and Joe came clean and we blocked it.?
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