Mike Woodson hired by Knicks

Excellent job by the Daily News, who nailed the Woodson hiring and with this move come several questions once the season begins, if that event does actually happen.

First, if there is no season, then what? Has Woodson been hired on 1 year deal? What happens then? Just because he's been added to the staff means very little in terms of a possible Mike D'Antoni replacement in my view, especially with Phil Jackson's name out there. Woodson isn't the "take a team to the next level" type of coach that fans will be thirsting for should D'Antoni fail to return. His body of work in Atlanta was fair, but far from outstanding.

Great point by Dan at KnicksFanBlog on the Woodson hiring here:

So the Mike Woodson hiring, while sure to increase expectations on the Knicks? defensively, may have a negligible impact on that front, and I somehow doubt Woodson would get the blame.
Glen Grunwald needs to add defensive minded players when roster are allowed to be tweeked. ?That is the most obvious way the Knicks will improve defensively. They need to close out possessions and defend the basket. But with the team obviously cap-strapped, they will have to get very creative to make such improvements.

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