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Nassau County is considering filing a lawsuit against Nassau Coliseum operator SMG to collect?nearly $6 million in unpaid rent, utilities, parking and concessions, as well as an additional $176,000 in back ticket taxes. (Newsday, May 19)

SMG owes the county money dating back to 2011, according to an audit conducted by comptroller George Maragos. He wants the county to file suit to collect the money.

"The county has every intention to collect the dollars owed and has been actively pursuing a resolution to make the county whole," said?County Attorney Carnell Foskey. (Newsday, May 19)

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The Islanders could be getting new offices and a new practice facility on Long Island, Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano announced during Wednesday's State of the County Address.

The plan is to build the Islanders a new corporate office and practice facility at Cantiague Park in Hicksville. The announced plans come as the Islanders regular season begins to wind down. The team has only seven remaining regular home dates left at Nassau Coliseum, however there will be at least two more after that for postseason action.

The project will be privately funded, according to Newsday.

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Over the next several months, the Islanders and Nassau County are expected to discuss the possibility of the hockey team getting out of its Nassau Coliseum lease a year early. If they strike a deal, the Islanders would begin play at Barclays Center in Brooklyn at the start of the 2014-15 season.

According to sources with Nassau and the Islanders, both sides are open to a financial arrangement that could benefit the bankrupt county and the money-losing team. The Islanders' lease does not expire for another two full seasons, in the summer of 2015.

Leaving Nassau Coliseum a year earlier would enable the Islanders to begin capitalizing on revenue streams in Brooklyn, while not playing as lame duck tenants at the old barn on Hempstead Turnpike any longer than possible.

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Earlier this afternoon, Chris Botta tweeted that the Islanders will indeed play an exhibition game at the Barclays Center later this year (pending, you know, a work stoppage or something):


The Islanders were originally scheduled to play an exhibition game at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn on October 2, 2012. That game was cancelled due to the lockout.

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On Tuesday the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service (FMCS) announced that it would be joining the lockout negotiations, attempting to bring together two very prickly sides; the NHL and NHLPA. The FMCS is an independent government agency that helps mediate disputes, mostly when it comes to labor issues. It had been involved in last year's NFL lockout, which lasted about six months and didn't result in any cancelled regular season games.

The lockout doesn't get much coverage on this site, aside from acknowledging its existence, since there isn't really a "correct" side as far as I'm concerned. Both sides knew what they were getting into; a long dug out war to get what they want. One side may be less wrong than the other (*cough* players) but it's hard for me to really give a damn about millionaires and billionaries monetary demands when half of the people I graduated college with don't have a full-time job (among other issues in the world).

But regardless, it's worth noting when the government gets involved, even though the mediation would be non-binding. It does at least get both sides to the table -- a feat that at times has been tough -- and gives the fighting couple professional assistance. News such as this is also worth nothing when Twitter users turn some of that government involvement and glimmer of hope into a comedic gag before the day is through.

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Update, 12:26pm: Ed Mangano released this statement via twitter:

?No one has done more to retain the New York Islanders than my administration. I have supported various proposals to redevelop the HUB including a public referendum in which voters chose not to construct a new sports arena. Its sad and unfortunate that political opponents chose to oppose my plan and instead continued to support the Culture of NO on Long Island.
Update, 12:17pm: Ottawa Citizen reporter Wayne Scanlan tweets that he has spoken to Denis Potvin. Writes Scanlan:

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The NHL has said it will lockout the players as of this Saturday, September 15th if the league and Player's Association can't reach a deal. Last night there was the news that the NHL and the PA agreed to a special waiver period that allows 2-way players to head down to the AHL, which is more or less foreshadowing a lockout. It's awful that we're headed down this road yet again but here we are and there's not much we can do about it. A lot of people get hurt when millionaires and billionaires fight, and Long Island is no different. Here's a look at how this weekend's impending lockout will effect the Islanders and those around them.

1. Team staff and arena employees -- We'll start with the people who get hurt the most; the folks who work for and around the league and players. We don't know what the Islanders would do with their staff in the event of a lockout but it's certainly possible that some of the good people behind the scenes will be let go. There will certainly be some teams who won't retain staffers, and of course anyone who works in the arena on gameday is at the very least getting their hours cut.

2. The Barclays pre-season game gets cancelled or rescheduled -- This has been on the calendar for quite some time now and is an important moment in the Isles history. It won't make or break the possibility of the team relocating to Brooklyn but a sold out arena full of Islander faithful would definitely be a positive for the franchise and apply pressure to the politicians in Nassau County.

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Thanks to Newsday's Randi Marshall, we now have the names of four developers who have submitted RFQs to the County for development of the Coliseum property (and you should really follow her on Twitter if you want to keep up with this sort of news). I'm going to preface all this with the following; that this doesn't mean things are any closer to getting a new Coliseum built. Not only that, but the developers have not been asked even to submit plans yet. It's essentially a show of hands for who wants to kick tires on this political football that's on its last bit of air. Another key point here is that this process hasn't involved the Islanders yet, another important step before we really have an idea of how this impacts the team. Nonetheless, here are the details on the four developers who submitted RFQs to the County:

Donald Monti CEO of Renaissance DowntownsMonti's Plainview based company Renaissance Downtowns is probably the most promising candidate in the field for keeping the Islanders on the Coliseum property in that he's the only one of these four developers who has specifically said that he wants to help retain the Islanders. Renaissance has redeveloped many downtown areas in the northeast, most recently in Glen Cove with the Glen Isle Project. That project has an interesting connection as Monti's group worked with Rexcorp Realty, Scott Rechler's real estate company. Rechler was Charles Wang's former partner on the Lighthouse Project. How this would affect the Islanders and Wang positively or negatively remains to be seen.

One further note here is that despite the similarities of the two companies the rumors that Wang's Plainview based Renaissance Property Associates is related to Monti's Renaissance Downtowns are so far unfounded. A spokesman for Renaissance Downtowns confirmed to IPB that "there is no relationship between the two entities - but certainly a notable coincidence."

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