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Lionel Hollins currently coaches the Memphis Grizzlies

In case you haven't heard by now, the Brooklyn Nets have a head coaching vacancy...

Yea, big shock, right?

Per ESPN's Chris Broussard, there is another name that can be added to the short long list of potential candidates that Billy King would like to interview...


This is beginning to be reminiscent of the Dwightmare... Ok, so for those who are keeping count, here is a list of names that have been mentioned for the Nets head coaching vacancy: Doc Rivers, Jerry Sloan, Jeff Van Gundy, Phil Jackson, Brian Shaw, Larry Brown, Mike Dunleavy, and some others whose names probably escape me at the moment.

Yes, some have been said to have been "ruled out," but with so much information coming out about this daily, I don't think anyone would be surprised if Jeff Van Gundy or Phil Jackson (both of whom are reportedly not interested in the job) somehow find their names being mentioned again.

But yea, let's add Lionel Hollins—whose team is still in the playoffs—to the mix.

Hollins' current deal with the Memphis Grizzlies expires after this season and there has been some conjecture as to the desire of some of the newly installed front office brass' want to bring in a new head coach. The theory makes some sense considering Hollins' overall good record as the head coach of the Grizzlies, but no contract extension to show for it.

Billy King himself said that the Nets would turn over every stone in search of the "right" coach, but the prevailing sentiment amongst those that cover the team is that ownership will want to bring in a coach with a pedigree. Personally, a first-time coach would surprise me, unless it's someone like Brian Shaw—who has won multiple rings both as a player and an assistant coach.

Tired of this yet? Then I feel sorry for you, because this saga is just beginning.

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