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Uni Watch's Paul Lukas believes the Nets will eventually unveil black-and-white version of the Dr. J era jerseys, but with sleeves, as an alternate.

Chris Haynes of Comcast Sports recently reported that the NBA will add 'heritage jerseys' to the mix from 2014-15. All of those jerseys reportedly will feature sleeves. Lukas' source says that the Nets have designed the jersey pictures above, but with sleeves. He acknowledges that his source isn't sure whether this design is final, a prototype, or still in development.

Last month, we reported the Nets alternate jersey that they will unveil this Spring will be grey with royal blue accents.

The above about the Dodgers-inspired jersey still seems to be true. The art for that blue-and-grey jersey was obtained directly from the NBA's media site, which is usually a reliable indicator of what's to come. And blue and grey Nets gear has already hit some stores, so the jersey the Nets plan to wear for select Fridays in March and April will most likely be Dodgers tribute. Meanwhile, the black-and-white Dr. J era threads are wonderful. I truly hope those will be the Nets alts for a long time.

It's worth noting a user on the SportsLogos forum, ColorWerx, mocked up a very similar concept prior to these Dr. J unis prior to this season. Seems like he may have been on the money in predicting the team's future thinking. That, or the Brooklyn brass reads uniform message boards (something I'd advise every team doing, considering it's essentially a free, built-in focus group).

Lukas also broke the news on what the NBA All Star uniforms will look like, which can be seen here.

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