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Jason Kidd will make his regular season coaching debut tonight in Orlando.

Kidd has served his two game suspension, and will be back on the bench seeking his first win as a head coach.

But if it were up to Jeff Van Gundy, Kidd would still be sitting out. On the ESPN broadcast of Friday's game against the Heat, Van Gundy called for harsher penalties for serious off-court offenses, in a rant seemingly directed at Kidd:

"The deterrent system is not working," Van Gundy said.

I have big expectations for Kidd as a head coach, and I'm excited to see him on the bench tonight. Thus far, outside of some shaky fourth quarter shooting in Cleveland, the Nets execution has been solid, so I'm curious to see where Kidd has the most impact. I'm anxious to see his substitutions, especially with Andrei Kirilenko coming off playing his first minutes in weeks, and Deron Williams ready to take on a full work load.

As far as Van Gundy goes, I understand his sentiment, but the league's punishment model is negotiated as part of the collective bargaining agreement. Until the owners and Player's Association gets together and makes penalties stiffer, two games is the deal. The merits of that can be debated, but the league did they were in their jurisdiction to do. Kidd has only one thing to worry about right now: the Brooklyn Nets.

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