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For the second consecutive week, the Brooklyn Nets will host one of the NBA's premier attractions. Back on Monday, Jan. 30, it was the Miami Heat. On Tuesday, Feb. 5, it will be the Los Angeles Lakers.

Both Dwight Howard and Deron Williams have made no secret of their once-upon-a-time mutual desire to play together. Obviously, things didn't work out.

Earlier on Monday, Williams told the media that he and Howard were "not really" tight anymore. We suspect we know why...

From Mike Mazzeo of ESPN New York

And now, a day before D-Will's Nets take on D12's Lakers at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, the two are no longer as close as they once were. 

"Not really," Williams said Monday. "We haven't talked as much as we had before everything went on. I don't know what the reason is." 

If Howard ends up playing Tuesday night -- he missed the past two games with a shoulder injury -- D-Will's thoughts certainly won't be on what might have been had Howard not given up his early termination option last season in Orlando, which ultimately squashed their chances of forming a dream duo in Brooklyn. 

"We're happy with Brook (Lopez) and the team we have now. It's not shoulda-coulda-woulda," Williams said.

In November, Howard, who ultimately admitted he did want to play in Brooklyn, said he didn't feel the need to smooth things over with Williams. 

"It's my life, so if he's upset because I made a decision for me, so be it," Howard said. "If he doesn't want to be friends because I'm on another team, then so be it. There's no need to smooth things over. 

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