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The Brooklyn Nets are set to take on the Boston Celtics for the first time since the two teams met back on Nov. 15 in Boston. In that game, tempers flared when Rajon Rondo attacked Kris Humphries. Rondo, Humphries and Gerald Wallace were each ejected from the game and Rondo eventually received a two-game suspension.

Today, the Nets are looking forward to the matchup.

Deron Williams

Joe Johnson on Whether There Is Animosity Between the Teams:


"I won't say theres no animosity, It’ll probably be a physical game, but nothing that should be taken out of proportion. You’ve got two teams that’s fighting right now to stay afloat. We kinda wanna still set our mark."

Gerald Wallace On Whether The Game Will Be Intense:

"It’s a big day, it’s a national television game. Anytime like that, Christmas Day, it’s the biggest holiday of the year, on TV. We’re new to that, they’ve played on TV plenty of times. The energy level, I expect it to be an intense game and plus they want a little revenge of last game. I expect it to be high intensity."

Deron Williams on the Excitement of the Game:

"It’s been a while, but you never know. I think it'll be a tough game, a good game. I think we’re excited, this is the first time playing on Christmas for a lot of us, so we’re excited about the game."

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