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EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. — When Deron Williams sat out practice on Friday with left ankle synovitis, which is inflamed tissue of the ankle, it came as a bit of a surprise. On Saturday, the face of the Brooklyn Nets' franchise provided some answers.

Having received a cortisone shot on Thursday to deal with the inflammation, which he first said became a problem during the Olympics in August, Williams said on Saturday that he was already feeling better and planned to practice on Sunday.

"It hurt really bad during the Olympics, it swelled up pretty good during the Olympics and I had to get on some anti-inflammatory," Williams said. "We tried to strengthen it and do things to get it loose, but it just seemed liked throughout the course of a game, it never gets loose."

Deron Williams

There was a sense of relief for Williams, who had gone in for an MRI, which showed the inflammation, but nothing worse. Even so, another cortisone shot during the season will likely be necessary and Williams said he may have to get the ankle cleaned up after the season. It's something that Williams will likely have to deal with all season, but it's not something he feels will be a major hindrance.

Williams has been fairly durable throughout his seven seasons in the league, but a right wrist injury ended his 2010-11 season after 65 games. Last season, Williams played in 55 games during the 66-game, lockout-shortened season thanks to a sore right calf.

"It already feels night and day from what it was," Williams said. "Just walking down the street it would ache. A lot of missed layups because of that, just didn't have that explosion, but I should be good now."

Williams was nowhere to be found at PNY Center on Friday, but put in a little work on Saturday by shooting jumper and free throws despite the fact officially, he was deemed out for practice.

"I could've practiced today, but I guess precaution, they want you to wait two days," Williams said. "Don't want to risk infection, things like that. I knew I had eight days (between the preseason finale and the regular season opener) and it's good to have the rest anyway. I've been playing pretty much nonstop since last season. I didn't take many days off this summer at all."

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