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In a lengthy interview with USA Today, ex-Magic coach Stand Van Gundy was very candid when sharing his opinion on a few things about the NBA today. Van Gundy spoke about the situation that went wrong in Orlando with Dwight Howard as well as the Los Angeles Lakers problems and his NBA ambitions in the future.

Van Gundy was asked about the Brooklyn coaching situation and found time to take a back-handed shot at the Nets points guard Deron Williams along the way.

Stan Van Gundy

Jon Saraceno, USA TODAY Sports

Q: How would you feel about a temporary Brooklyn address?

A: My brother and I believe the same thing — if somebody already has a job (they won't campaign for it). P.J. (Carlesimo) has the (Nets) job. I know, like and respect P.J..

If it were the off-season, I would listen to (overtures from NBA teams). But I don't know. I've only been out of it six or seven months. I'm not ready to make that decision and just jump back in, like what Andy Reid did (with the Kansas City Chiefs).

Q: Most overrated player today?

A: Jeremy Lin (of the New York Knicks). He's not a guy who should be third in the (All-Star) voting. I never thought (Nets point guard) Deron Williams was overrated but right now people still look at him as one of the top two or three point guards in the league. He hasn't been that (in recent seasons).

Q: Most underrated?

A: I don't know if he's underrated but (the Nets') Joe Johnson is underappreciated.

The more I read the interviews and stories about Stan Van Gundy the more I hope the Brooklyn Nets stay away from looking at him as a coaching option.

The most recent piece by USA Today was the latest piece that reaffirms what I have thought for quite a while in that Van Gundy wants no part of any NBA team that has a superstar that gets treated differently in any way or one that has different sets of rules for different players.  That's not how the NBA works in 2013 and he has a problem with that.

I understand his frustrations with the Orlando Magic front office, specifically Alex Martins and his lack of "sports " knowledge, but he had something to do with how the season and drama played out so badly with Dwight Howard.  If he knew, as he says he did,  it wasn't going to work in Orlando anymore with management then he had every opportunity to walk away from the situation much like Alvin Gentry just did with the Phoenix Suns.  Management, coaches and players don't always see eye to eye and if it cant work then changes are made both ways.

His coaching style, as a yeller and one to speak publicly about players deficiencies, wears very thin on today's players as most players of today have been coddled from AAU all the way to the NBA.

I just do not think that Stan Van Gundy's coaching style and overall persona would fit well in a big city like New York and more importantly Brooklyn and this team as it is currently constituted.


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