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Talk about a dubious distinction? Reggie Evans was the first player to be warned for flopping and now the Nets are the first team to have two unique individuals cited by the NBA for antics detrimental to the league.

You make the call on Wallace... Was this a flop?


There's no question that this was an offensive foul by Carmelo Anthony, but whether or not Wallace flopped is very close.

Anthony extends his arm and pushes Wallace off, but if you watch the video closely, it appears as though Wallace begins leaning back and flailing a split second before Anthony actually extends that arm.

Very close, very tough to call. Personally, I wouldn't call it a flop, mainly because Anthony did end up committing an offensive foul and the spirit of this rule is to dissuade players for hoaxing NBA officials into making incorrect calls.

Since this is just a warning for Wallace, it's inconsequential, though it probably is a bit embarrassing for him to now be labeled a "flopper."

What your opinion?

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