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Brooklyn Nets interim coach PJ Carlesimo sat down for an interview with Steve Serby of the NY Post and the two went back and forth on Carlesimo's past, present and future. He was of course asked about the "Sprewell incident" as well as his college career, Olympic experience and NBA stops. You can tell by the interview that his parents had a very big influence on his life and coaching.

Carlesimo has done everything right since he took the job with the Nets and if this success continues he will surely get the interim tag taken off sooner rather than later.

From Steve Serby of the NYPost

Q: Adjectives to describe your coaching style?

A: “Intense” is probably fair. Hopefully people would say “prepared,” “demanding.” I would also think that they would say, particularly guys that have played for me, that in fact that I care about the player.

Q: Why do you think you’re the best man for the Nets job?

A: If you are a good basketball coach and you don’t feel that way, there’s something wrong. I think all of us should feel we’re the best person for a job, whatever that job is. I believe that I’m a very good basketball coach, so I believe I can do as good a job or a better job here than anyone else is gonna do. And I think if you don’t feel that way, you probably shouldn’t be coaching.

A: Mikhail Prokhorov?

A: I love him as an owner, because first of all he’s clearly very intelligent. But he’s very direct, and he wants to win. Everybody says they want to win ... you can’t talk to him for a half-hour and not understand that’s what he wants to do. And in the NBA, that’s the perfect owner. He wants to win and he’s willing to commit the resources to win and he’s not gonna interfere with you, but you better get results. That’s the perfect NBA owner.

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