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The entire NBA  knows what the normal defensive protocol is for playing Boston Celtics all-star point guard Rajon Rondo: go under the screens on pick-and-rolls and make him beat you with his jump shot. Don't allow him to create easy buckets in the paint for others or otherwise wreak havoc in the lane.

Ahead of tonight's game, it will be interesting to see how the Nets play him. Rondo may surprise them with improve perimeter shooting proficiency.

From Steve Bulpett of the Boston Herald...


Rondo is shooting  51.7 percent from the floor this year.

The benefit of the makes for the Celtics [team stats] is twofold. In addition to the points, attention from the defense affects the spacing and allows more room for his teammates to work.

“It’s starting slowly,” said C’s coach Doc Rivers. “Teams still don’t believe it. They’re still going under (picks). But one of the changes we’ve seen is that when he makes a couple (of outside shots), they start going over. And once they start going over, it makes our pick-and-roll offense unguardable.

“But Orlando was going so far under it was unbelievable. Then he missed a couple early on, so it allowed them to do it even more. But he’s making that shot, he’s taking that shot and he’s looking for that shot, and I want him to keep doing it. Heis going to do that. It’s his shot now. You can see it’s his normal routine.”

Rondo obviously missed the last game between these two teams back on Nov. 15. Personally, I'm very interested in seeing how Avery Johnson's team defends him in tonight's game.


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