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Call us cynics, but the Brooklyn Nets are in the midst of a tough fight not only to remain near the top of the NBA's Eastern Conference, but also for the team's first division crown since 2006.

Why then, isn't Joe Johnson playing if his injury isn't serious?

Last Friday, general manager Billy King said that Johnson had a "sore heel," but also described the inury as plantar fasciitis. As Moke Hamilton explains, plantar fasciitis can be a serious injury. Initially, King said that Johnson was day-to-day and that if the Nets were in the playoffs, he'd be able to play.

Johnson has also told members of the media that he's had plantar fasciitis before and that this current injury isn't nearly as severe. Even still, he's missed the team's last two games (both losses), and couldn't say for sure whether or not he would play tomorrow when the Nets travel to New Orleans to battle the Hornets.

Either way, we should be asking ourselves...

If Johnson's injury isn't "that serious," why isn't he playing? His team is only in the midst of a battle for a division crown.

And if Johnson's injury is serious enough to warrant him missing three games, doesn't that, in and of itself, make it somewhat serious?

Obviously, having him at or near 100 percent healthy is the goal for the Nets. This team is going to the playoffs and is looking to make a deep run. But at this point, after hearing the disturbing news that Johnson may not be available for a third straight game, it's probably fair to wonder whether or not his injury should be taken a bit more seriously.

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