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"I’m a big fan of the “Matrix.” I thought that was a classic, it kind of gave us something of what the future could be. But also some of the plot of this movie! He’s fighting for what he believes in and so it’s something that hopefully when I see them, now that I’m a coach, I can use this as one of my tools."

-Nets head coach Jason Kidd on the new Matt Damon film, "Elysium"

Sure, why not? If nothing else, it'll make for some nice headlines. But if Lawrence Frank starts wearing sunglasses without ear pieces, I'm out! In all seriousness, this is probably the start of a slew of Jason Kidd coaching strategy stories.  After all, Kidd may be one of the best to ever put on a Nets uniform, but his unproven coaching track record will be what the naysayers are sure to fixate on.

At the heart of this is a bigger issue; one that cuts through all sports: what is the most important part of a head coach's job? Is it Xs and Os, keeping players motivated, or just getting out of the way and letting the talent do its thing? It's probably a mix of the three, and having an experience staff and on-the-court leaders (read: Kevin Garnett), will help Kidd figure out which buttons to push when. But still: all eyes will be on what kind of coach Kidd evolves into, and justifiably so.

Just don't be freaked if D-Will suddenly knows Kung Fu...

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