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John Paolantonio,

Jerry Stackhouse, the 18 year veteran that played for the Brooklyn Nets this past year, went on ESPN First Take today and debated Skip Bayless and Chris Broussard.

The topic of the Nets was first and foremost and Stackhouse gave his thoughts on what the Nets were missing and who be best to guide the ship as a coach.

"I think it just needs someone to really to guide, a stickler, someone to come in everyday and say we are going to do it this way. We have a system in place and we cant deviate from the system" Stackhouse said. "If we come off a screen, I want you to come off the screen and chase. I don't want you to shoot the gap. Some guys say you can do it either way. I feel like this particular team needs someone to tell them to do it THIS way. Whoever that is, I think Lionel Hollins is a great coach. He has shown that he can do that with a really good team but there are some other candidates out there that as well that would be really good for this group."

He did mention that the Nets would pay Hollins for sure although Broussard thought that Hollins would end up staying put in Memphis when all is said and done.

Jerry Stackhouse

The idea of Stan Van Gundy being mentioned as a candidate did not seem to sit well with Stackhouse. "Stan has shown he can wear on guys. He may be good for a few years, three or four years, he has had success and I think he is very good coach but I think someone like Jeff (Van Gundy), he wears on you a little bit but he wears on you the right way and you play the right way and he would be an ideal coach for that situation."

Stackhouse went on about another coaching name that has been bantered about for the Brooklyn job in the past weeks.

"A guy like Brian Shaw, I think he has paid his dues, but I think with this particular team they feel like they are ready to win. They want someone who has been there and been to at least and conference finals and can guide them. I think that's what that group needs," Stackhouse said.

Bayless changed the subject to what Stackhouse thought of his teammate Deron Williams and what he learned about the Nets max player in his eyes.

"He's a helluva competitor. I found that out but I didn't know a lot about Deron before the season and obviously with how the season started off for him I still had some questions for him, myself. Once he came out of that All-Star break and he said he was going to dedicate himself and get himself ready to play, he was unbelievable man. We went from a pretty good team to a great team all because of how he played."

Stackhouse seemed to take offense to Bayless telling him that Williams has always fallen short of a max contract - superstar player.

"It's a team and we were right there in the balance of the game to be able to play the Miami Heat and possibly be in that same type of battle as the Chicago Bulls were," Stackhouse replied. "It didn't happen and there are a lot of other factors in there. Joe (Johnson) was hurt and Joe is another max guy for us who was ailing pretty much both series, so if he is healthy I think there is a possibility that we play a little longer."

Stackhouse continued, "The coach, the strickler. The stickler is what is going to be great for Deron because Deron loves to gamble and I think you have got to get him to a position where our best player, our main player, sticks to the system and how we do things as well. I tell him all the time and it is a habit. With this group, with Joe and with Brook (Lopez) its just about breaking a few habits and once you break those few habits with this group they are going to be right there."

The comments made today by Stackhouse seem to mirror the sentiments of most Nets fans and their hope to find a qualified and discipline type coach to lead this veteran laden team into the near future. The Nets need a vocal leader to coach them and bring the "one voice" mentality that the great teams have.

The Nets guard ended the Nets talk by saying the Nets "smashed" Indiana all year if they fell to the seventh seed, who knows what could have happened if healthy.

Nets fans sure would have loved to find that out as well.


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