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HOUSTON — From the time Jerry Stackhouse was signed by the Brooklyn Nets, we began hearing of his leadership abilities and qualities. Stackhouse has emerged as a bit of a sage for the Nets, as the team is currently battling through an up and down season but is still managing to stay relevant in the NBA's Eastern Conference.

Apparently, others outside of the Nets locker room believe in Stackhouse's leadership qualities, as well.

On Saturday, the NBPA announced that it had terminated the employment of its now former executive directory, Billy Hunter.

Stackhouse, an 18 year NBA veteran, will join the players union as one of its five vice presidents. He joins Willie Green, Stephen Curry, Andre Iguodala as the four new members of the executive committee.

Below is Derek Fisher's complete statement concerning the termination of Hunter as well as the union's election.

“Good afternoon, everyone. Today, for the NBPA was a day of change. Today was a day of change for our association and our union. We held a meeting of the board of player representatives, with many different groups of players represented. Some of our international players, our all-stars, our younger players and a lot of our veteran players, as well.  The player representatives and general body of our association have made their voice and their votes heard and today, a motion was raised, seconded and passed, unanimously, that we will terminate the employment of Billy Hunter.

A new executive committee was formed. I remain as president, at this time, along with Matt Bonner serving as vice president, secretary treasuer will be James Jones, our first vice president elected will be Jerry Stackhouse.

The following five players were chosen as vice presidents: Roger Mason, Jr., Chris Paul, Andre Iguodala, Stephen Curry and Willie Green.

We want to make it clear that we are here to serve only the best interests of the players. No threats, no lies, no distractions will stop us from serving our membership. We do not doubt that this process will possibly continue in an ugly way, but we want to remind everyone that there are three ongoing government investigations pending, and so, we would like to continue to respect that process and will continue to handle ourselves accordingly in that regard, but going forward, will no longer be divided, misled, misinformed.

This is our union and we are taking it back.

There will be no further comment at this time, we appreciate you all being here this afternoon and at the appropriate time, as this process is carried, we will be in touch and willing to speak with the media at a later date, but that you all for being here.”


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