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The Brooklyn Nets will battle the Orlando Magic tonight at the Amway Center in Central Florida.

Coming off of a 30-point loss to the Miami Heat on Wednesday night, the Nets are looking to get back on the winning track.

Fortunately for them, they're not the only team out there that's struggling, and they just might be avoiding the spotlight due to it.

Via Ira Winderman of

"There is a reason Avery Johnson should be sending a lovely fruit basket to Mike Brown.

Because as much as the move to Brooklyn was all about getting out from under the Knicks' shadow, there is something to be said about going largely unnoticed amid the Lakers' current shadow of gloom.

Still very much caught in the Knicks' shadow (they're good), the Nets (they're not) have yet to offer any hint that the addition of Joe Johnson and the return to health of Brook Lopez will create the type of turnaround expected with their relocation.

Instead, Avery Johnson finds himself playing the same card the Heat played two years ago amid the initial rough patch with LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh, the same card Brown is playing in L.A."

It's very early in the season and what happens right now, in the long run, will mean nothing in a few weeks.

The Nets have opened themselves up to the scrutiny of the NBA, though. They've talked championship and they've talked winning the Atlantic division... Yet they still have some very noticeable holes in their rotation and the defense is still somewhat spotty.

Either way, I think each team deserves at least 10 games before we begin to form impressions, particular a new team struggling to integrate so many new pieces and faces.

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