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Former New York Knicks head coach Mike D'Antoni is expected to make his coaching debut for the Los Angeles tonight after the club abruptly fired former head coach Mike Brown just five games into the season. It should be interesting to see if D'Antoni's debut has an impact on how the Lakers play on the court.

Mike D'Antoni is still recovering from knee surgery but has said that he will make his Lakers debut tonight. In the short term, we shouldn't expect things to be dramatically different for the Lakers.

Bernie Bickerstaff has coached the team since it fired former head coach Mike Brown back on Nov. 9 and the team has won four of its five games since then. The sole loss was to the San Antonio Spurs, and it was a game that the Lakers would have won had it not been for a last minute three-pointer by New York native, Danny Green.

The Lakers have a size advantage in the interior against the Nets, but it will be interesting to see if D'Antoni tries to take advantage of it. Either way, the Nets have a clear advantage at the point guard spot and will probably need a good scoring game from Deron Williams if they are to win.

It should be a good test for Avery Johnson's team.

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