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In case you missed it (somehow), Hurricane Sandy ripped through most of New Jersey and many parts of New York City yesterday. There have been pretty widespread reports of damage across all five boroughs and for most of New Jersey, Connecticut and Philadelphia.

The weather may end up affecting the NBA's opening week festivities, as well.

Via the Newark Star Ledger...

"The Knicks' and Nets' scheduled opener Thursday at the Barclay's Center in Brooklyn could be postponed due to Hurricane Sandy.

NBA spokesman Tim Frank tweeted Tuesday morning that the league's opening night schedule -- Celtics at Heat, Wizards at Cavaliers and Mavericks at Lakers -- would go on as scheduled, but that the NBA was assessing the situation regarding the rest of the slate for the week, including Knicks at Nets on Thursday night."

The Nets, however, are scheduled to hold practice on Wednesday.


I think postponing the game is the right move. Logistically, it may be difficult to do so but the truth is there are millions of people in the area that don't have power and the subway system has been on the receiving end of unprecedented damage. If the NBA does elect to go forward and have the Knicks and Nets play the first ever regular season game at Barclays on Thursday night, there will probably be a very sparse crowd.

The same can be said for the Heat and Knicks game that is scheduled to be played on Friday. There simply isn't enough time to get things back up and running before then.

Obviously, we'll keep you posted as the situation develops.

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