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Since Hurricane Sandy struck New York City back in October, the Brooklyn Nets have been forced to hold practices at Barclays Center.

It now seems as though the team is finally ready to head on back to New Jersey.



For most people affiliated with the team, this is good news. Most of the Nets players live in New Jersey and virtually all of the team personnel do, as well.

Back in October, our own Derrel Johnson spoke with a few Nets players about holding game day shoot around at Barclays. Even in those pre-Sandy days, a lot of the team's personnel felt that game day shoot arounds were a pain.

Obviously, the problem became worse once Barclays became the team's normal practice facility.

Now, it seems as though the team will move back to the PNY Center in East Rutherford, and that's good news for most.

It's quite difficult to imagine that almost two months later, we're still talking about Hurricane Sandy and the effects that the storm had on New York.

The Nets finally heading back to New Jersey represents a bit of a return to normalcy, but in some of the region's hardest hit areas, residents are still trying to piece their lives back together.

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