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UPDATE, November 22nd, 6:11 PM: I've heard from a source that the mock up of this Nets uni does indeed come from the NBA's media site. The source tells me jerseys that were designed and never worn have appeared on the site before, but that is probably unlikely in this case. Long story short: this is most likely the real deal.

ORIGINALLY POSTED, November 22nd, 5:11 PM: ]The above was part of an image tweeted by @ConradBurry. It depicts a grey sleeved Nets uniform with blue lettering and numbering. Could this be the home alt the Nets hinted at on their promotional schedule?

It seems like it. It does hearken back to the Brooklyn Dodgers, and Conrad is a graphic designer with a ton of legitimacy. But if this is legit, it would be the first serious divergence from the "all black everything" blend that the Nets have branded into the Brooklyn mindset. It's also worth noting the Nets' future co-tenants, the Islanders, are incorporating a black-and-white third uniform when they move. Maybe this is the Nets' idea of corporate synergy at work (though it seems more likely to me it's Dodgers-inspired)?

Whatever the thinking, this is big. Stay tuned, Nets fans...

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