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The Brooklyn Nets, to this point, have had a very up and down season. There have been high highs and low lows.

But today, after 55 games, the team is 33-22 and trail the suddenly slumping New York Knicks by just a single game for the Atlantic Division lead.

Who's not happy with that? General manager Billy King has reportedly made calls to the Memphis Grizzlies about Rudy Gay (before he was traded to the Toronto Raptors), the Los Angeles Lakers about Pau Gasol, the Utah Jazz about Paul Millsap, the Atlanta Hawks about Josh Smith and even yesterday, the Boston Celtics about Paul Pierce.

Even though the Nets have been somewhat inconsistent this season, at 33-22, would it be the wrong decision for this team to stand pat and see how it fares in the playoffs? The latest reports suggest that a rumored deal involved Ben Gordon making his way to Brooklyn and Kris Humphries heading to Charlotte is no longer being considered by the Nets.

It sounds as though Smith may be traded to the Western Conference and the Nets apparently lack the assets to make a Pierce trade happen.

But is that a bad thing?

We've seen how well this team can play when it's firing on all cylinders. So as the trade deadline approaches today at 3pm, do you necessarily want to see the Nets make a move? If so, who or what would you like to see acquired?

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