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General manager Billy King went on WFAN with Joe and Evan on Thursday afternoon to talk about the Nets opening game and the outlook for the season...

  • On Deron Williams' minutes: "His minutes will increase tomorrow. By Sunday, he'll be back to his normal minutes."
  • On Deron's fourth quarter: "We used Deron's minutes up a little early."
  • On what would be a successful season: "It was a successful season last year, but losing at home, in the playoffs, was a failure ... We have to get home court advantage. With this group, we want to have home court advantage in the first round. The first goal is to win the Atlantic Division."
  • On Joe Prunty named acting coach: "He's got a lot of experience. Jason [Kidd] looks at a staff like a staff and wanted to keep the main guys doing their job."
  • On the team at the start of the game against Cavs: "We had good ball movement and then we got away from that. This was the first time the starting five had played together in a game. I was surprised at how well we starting out the game, but I knew we'd come back down and we'd be in a dogfight. It's going to take a while before they start playing well together."
  • On Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett: "They'll get their rhythm as they play with their teammates. I like what they brought to the table -- with their leadership and their play. They're only going to get better."
  • On staying healthy: "We want to have all our guys healthy for the stretch run at the end of the season. Especially KG."
  • On other teams tanking for a pick: "Management may think that way, but the players play the game and the coaches coach their game ... It'd be a problem if players or coaches thought that way. Management can think that way, though."
  • On Glen Grunwald being fired as Knicks GM: "Yeah, I think I was surprised. But you never know what happens within ... The ownership has that prerogative. It was surprising, but I'd never question what a team does within their organization."
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