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Jason Kidd joined Mike Francesa on WFAN on Tuesday afternoon. Here's a quick recap of what he had to say...

  • On the most important thing for his team coming into this season: "The most important thing was the family atmosphere. When you look at championship teams, they're very close. We needed to tighten up, spend a lot of time together... it's just us that can get this done. We're going in the right direction."
  • On the mix of personalities in the locker room: "You have the ability to let them police themselves. They understand what it takes to win. Being able to criticize one another and take it in a positive way. I will just guide it, but those guys take care of the problems before I get to them."
  • On what he wanted from a coach when he played: "Being able to trust and respect [a coach] are the biggest things. Just being real. If you tell them the truth, they can accept it... that it's just going to be for the greater good of the team."
  • On the rotation: "Health is something that is key in our rotations. We're a deep team. With some injuries here and there, if guys can't go every night, you'll have to go with the next guy. We have the luxury of starting guys at different positions."
  • On how much the core group played together: "We had some injuries, so health again played a part. It was a good thing, to have certain guys out, so we could see certain combination and certain situations. Our starting group got more time during practice than they did in a game."
  • On where chemistry starts: "It starts with Deron [Williams]. Not just for his teammates, but for himself. He knows how to set the table and to look for his shot. It all comes down to having fun and playing like a team."
  • On the biggest transition from his playing days: "I'm learning how to be a coach. But, it's basketball, and I'm surrounded with a talented staff and team. It's a position for me to learn and get to be a coach ... I have accepted my role of not playing. I trust the guys who are out on the floor to execute offensively and defensively, trying to get a stop."
  • On a message to Nets fans: "We need to protect home. We need our fans to be there each and every night and to support this wonderful season."
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