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The Nets have offered the head coaching job to Jason Kidd, according to Brian Geltzeiler of HoopsCritic. Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports writes that Kidd is "the leading candidate" to become the new Nets coach.

Brooklyn would not confirm or deny that an offer has been made, Geltzeiler said.

Talks on a possible contract are underway, Wojnarowski said.

This turn of events has left a great many of us in the media stunned. And you kinda wonder if that's a bad thing...?

Kidd being offered the Nets job would be a major cut against the grain in the NBA because it is not typically how players go about securing their first head coaching opportunity. And for a team that has talked about championships and one that has one of the league's highest payrolls for the next few years, hiring Kidd is a risky move that could either pay major dividends or blow up terribly.

But how is that different from any other decision that any front office guy from around the league makes?

The Nets fans I have spoken to, even before Geltzeiler put this information out there, were excited by the prospect of Kidd becoming the team's head coach. In my opinion, I think that Brian Shaw is a better fit, but with Wojnarowski reporting that the Los Angeles Clippers job is Shaw's "priority," it would make sense for the Nets to move quickly on Kidd.

If the organization got the sense that Shaw would turn them down to relocate to Los Angeles—where he spent 12 years as a player and an assistant for the Lakers—then this all makes a lot of sense.

It is very important to note that Geltzeiler did ask the Nets organization for comment, and they refused. Nothing is confirmed at this time, but the writing does seem to be on the wall... Jason Kidd may actually become the next head coach of the Brooklyn Nets.

Who saw that coming? And as a fan, could there be anything more awesome?

Whether or not it works out remains to be seen, and again, we don't even know if this is accurate information, but we should point out Geltzeiler's good track record as it relates to Nets news. And we should also point out the first-time head coaches around the league—Lionel Hollins, Frank Vogel and Mark Jackson immediately come to mind—who have done well in their first head coaching job.

Perhaps that is what has given Billy King the (apparent) guts to make such an out-of-left-field move in even considering Kidd.

Stayed tuned... We know you will...

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