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New York City is often referred to as "the Mecca of Basketball," and the New York Knicks have had their run of the town, despite a tormented fan base. Knicks fans, though, now have a choice.

Some believe that the Nets have an opportunity to have some Knicks fans switch allegiance.

The Battle for New York City

From Howard Beck of the New York Times

"The losing. The lawsuits. The humiliation. The blown draft picks. The foolish trades. The false promise of Isiah Thomas. The petulance of Stephon Marbury. The feckless leadership of James Dolan. The callous dismissal of Jeremy Lin.

The madness. The mayhem.

A new era is upon us. The Nets are a New York team now, after 35 years in New Jersey. Their arrival has spawned a new breed of fan: the Knicks-to-Nets defector. They are the disillusioned, the angry, the hopeful. And their numbers appear to be growing, based on social media and anecdotal accounts.

Find a fan who switched teams, and he will tell you about three others who have done the same: a brother, a girlfriend, a co-worker. Many are Brooklyn natives who are thrilled to root for a Brooklyn team. But the defectors say they were driven away, by the same grievances that Knicks fans have been reciting for years."

I know many a Knicks fan that feels the same way and the majority of the disappointment and venom is pointed directly at owner James Dolan.  Dolan has gutted the Knicks fans left and right and many think the Jeremy Lin debacle is the last straw and they want to move on.

Right now the Brooklyn Nets have a golden opportunity to sway these angry Knicks fans and bring back a winning culture to New York basketball.

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