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The Brooklyn Nets are currently 10-4 and second placed in the NBA's Eastern Conference. To say they have done well through 14 games would be a bit of an understatement. To what can be attribute the team's early success?

Our good friend, Devin Kharpertian of is doing a weekly Nets power ranking for New York Magazine. It's pretty cool. Below are excepts from the ranking, check it out to see who Kharpertian ranks number one this week.

From Devin Kharpertian for New York Magazine...

"...Joe Johnson. I'll be honest — I had no idea going into this season that I'd think of ranking Joe Johnson below the top five in the Nets' pecking order, and yet a month in, here we are. Johnson, who the Nets traded for to be their second-best player, has mixed disappearing acts with bad shots on too many occasions in the early going. He's put it together a few times, and carried the Nets in spurts during Wednesday night's Celtics game, but for a player lauded for consistency he's been oddly transient....

Andray Blatche. Reading Andray Blatche's game logs is a lesson in basketball rollercoasterism. After an efficient double-double that keyed the Nets' victory over the Celtics, Blatche has now alternated back and forth from double-digit to single-digit scoring for eleven consecutive games. He'll shoot 11-of-12 in a game, do nothing else, and end with a +2. He'll shake two defenders out of their shoes and shoot directly into a third. He'll show enough effort on a pick-and-roll to stir a mouse and block two shots. He'll lose the ball on a pointless behind-the-back dribble, have the ball tapped back to him and drain a twenty-foot fadeaway. There is no show in the NBA quite like the Andray Blatche show, and there is no way to predict what happens next. You can only sit back, terrified, and hope you enjoy the ride this time around..."



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