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Finally, the sun is out in full force this morning. Today is Memorial Day, and please don't forget to stop and reflect on all of the men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice for this great country.

I personally will be visiting my 83 year-old father, a Korean War veteran. The Korean War is widely considered the "forgotten" war (a police action), but it was as intense as any war this country has ever participated in. Over 33K Americans were killed in the war, which was used as the backdrop of CBS' iconic serio-comedy M*A*S*H, a show that captivated TV audiences for eleven seasons in the 1970's and 80's.

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From GEICO SportsNite: NFL commissioner Roger Goodell met with New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg to discuss plans for the MetLife Stadium Super Bowl.


New York City to Transform Portion of Broadway into Free and Fan Friendly "Super Bowl Boulevard"; Super Bowl Media Center to be Housed at the Sheraton in Midtown Manhattan

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The Giants take their fans on a roller coaster ride every year it seems. Perhaps like no other team in professional sports. I don't know about you, but we're tired. Last week, we wanted to get right back on the ride. Today, we're nauseous and don't even want to get out of bed.

How are you feeling today? This team has multiple personality disorder. Liken them to proverbial box of chocolates - you never know what you're going to get. Many Giant fans have written us to speak their minds about the state of the team.

Some are content with the Giants being perennial contenders. For others, that's not enough. They want a 14-2 season once in awhile.

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All you need to know this morning is that the Giants season has hit critical mass. They need to start winning and time is running out. The good news today is the Giants are still very much alive in the NFC Playoff picture. The bad news is yesterday they played like the team that will be selecting first overall come next April's NFL Draft.

One week after drubbing the Saints in the rain, the Giants (8-6) had the tables turned on them in Atlanta, getting outplayed, outcoached, outhustled and outclassed by the 12-2 Falcons. It was painful to watch.

The Giants were shut out in a regular season game for the first time in 16 years and first time in the Tom Coughlin-Eli Manning era (they were blanked 23-0 by Carolina in the 2005 NFC Playoffs).

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With no Giants game until tomorrow night, local fans will be treated to only two broadcast games this afternoon and one tonight. And what a trio of beauties they are, too. Today might be a good day to get some chores done.

1:00pm FOX Arizona (4-7) at Jets (4-7)Broadcast team: Thom Brennaman, Brian Billick, Laura Okmin (field reporter)

The Cardinals take their dysfunctional offense and seven-game losing streak to MetLife Stadium to face the sinking Jets, who will be without their most fervent and visible fan (Fireman Ed) for the first time in 30 years. The place will be a ghost town today. Tickets can be had on StubHub for as low as $20.

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When you are 22nd overall in total defense (25th vs the pass, 15th vs the run) and you have Aaron Rodgers, RGIII, Drew Brees and Matt Ryan on your schedule the next four games, you might say you're up against it. You couldn't pick a more difficult string of games if you tried, and as Bill Parcells once said - if you can't up for this, then you don't belong in this business.

The Giants are facing a daunting scenario over the next month here and, yes, there is cause for concern. This is a team built around the pass rush and the vertical passing game. Right now, both are stuck in the mud.

Their secondary and linebackers become exposed when the pass rush fails to sack or hurry the passer. When there is no pressure, the back seven is hard-pressed to record a "pass defensed". With the likes of Randall Cobb, Jimmy Graham and Roddy White headed their way, the situation will become even more difficult. Those three are basically having their way with secondaries this year.

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The Giants and Steelers will play this week at MetLife Stadium, but NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell lef the call to play the game up to New Jersey governor Chris Christie

From Kareem Copeland of NFL.com:

NFL spokesman Greg Aiello confirmed Goodell spoke to New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie to ensure resources weren't being diverted from recovery efforts.?The governor said that wasn't the case, and was pleased the game is being played, the NFL said.?The NFL and Giants also plan to honor first responders during the game at MetLife Stadium.

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For the first time in its eight-year history, the Tom Coughlin Jay Fund?s ?Champions for Children Gala? broke the million dollar mark in fundraising last Friday evening at Cipriani in New York City, taking in a total of $1,007,000.

?Friday night was a wonderful and record-setting event for the Tom Coughlin Jay Fund,? said Keli Coughlin Joyce, the non-profit?s Executive Director. ?The room was filled with enthusiastic supporters who expressed their commitment to children and their families touched by cancer. The energy was heartwarming and we are truly overjoyed to have reached this milestone in our fundraising efforts.?

The monies raised enable the Jay Fund to help families from the New York City area with emergency household expenses, funeral costs, gas and food necessities and hospital/clinic services as they deal with the emotional and physical adversity of childhood cancer. New York-area non-profit partners of the Tom Coughlin Jay Fund are Friends of Karen, Newark Beth Israel Medical Center, NYU Langone Medical Center, Overlook Hospital, St. Joe?s Hospital and The Valerie Fund.

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The Eighth Annual Tom Coughlin Jay Fund Foundation Champions For Children Gala charity event to raise funds to provide financial and emotional support for families of children with cancer will be held this Friday, October 12th at Cipriani in NYC at 6:30pm.

Cipriani is at 110 East 42nd street between Lexington and Park Ave. in Manhattan (212-499-0599)

Tickets and Sponsorship Info: www.tcjayfund.org , 212-627-1000, jayfund@resevt.com

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In 60 Seconds of Sound, Terry Collins reacts to a Mets loss, the Jets finally score and Justin Tuck reacts to Jerry Jones trash talk


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To help kick-off the NFL season and New Era?s inaugural year as the official headwear of the National Football League, Giants wide receiver Hakeem Nicks will make an appearance on Thursday, August 30th from 6-7PM at the New Era Flagship Store (9 East Fourth Street, NYC). Nicks, the latest New Era brand ambassador, will be autographing caps from the New Era on-field cap collection, which will be worn by all NFL players on the sidelines during every regular season and postseason game this season.

In April 2012, New Era became the exclusive and official headwear supplier for the National Football League (NFL) for all sideline, locker room, NFL Draft Day and Super Bowl caps as well as having rights for fan headwear worldwide. The NFL Kickoff game on Wednesday, September 5, when the Super Bowl XLVI-champion New York Giants host the Dallas Cowboys, will mark the first time a New Era 59FIFTY cap will appear on the sidelines at an NFL game.

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Injuries have the Giants changing their lineup by the day. At RB, we have already seen the team elevate electric rookie David Wilson into the starting lineup. With Ahmad Bradshaw to be more limited than ever with a hand injury, Wilson will get to strut his stuff early Friday night vs the Bears. The Giants are being cautious, but keep in mind, they didn't draft Wilson to watch...

"Any time you get a rookie, every game, every practice, they?re learning," Eli Manning told reporters yesterday. "The more reps you can get them, especially with the first group, what we?re doing, different things, changing things, more audibles, he?s got to be put in that situation on a whim. He?s got to know exactly what his assignment is, and what?s going on. You have to throw that at him a little bit, see how he adjusts, see how quickly the game is played at this level, and how you have to know the offense like the back of your hand."

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From yesterday's broadcasts on SNY......

The Loud Mouths debate which running back will have a better season, Ahmad Bradshaw or the Jets' Shonn Greene?


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The Giants travel across the parking lot to face their co-tenants, the Jets, in their annual preseason meeting now known as the MetLife Bowl. The Jets are the home team.

Last week: the Giants fell, 32-31, to the Jaguars in Jacksonville. The Jets were defeated by the Bengals in Cincinnati, 17-6.

Kickoff: 7:00pm

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The Giants will meet the the Jets in the second annual MetLife Bowl tonight at 7:00pm. The game can be seen locally on Ch2 and nationally on the NFL Network. The game can be heard in NYC on WCBS-FM 101.1.

GEICO SportsNite has sound from Giants and Jets players concerning Saturday's preseason game against each other.


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New York football champion and Famous Fan of SUBWAY Justin Tuck, center right, and Mike Janela, center, of Guinness World Records, celebrate as SUBWAY sets the Guinness World Record for the most people making sandwiches at once to celebrate ?Avocado Season? at SUBWAY on Wednesday, Aug. 15, 2012, in New York. The feat involved over 250 individuals simultaneously using more than 190 lbs of avocado, 440 lbs of roast beef, turkey and ham, 275 lbs of fresh vegetables and more than 555 feet of fresh-baked SUBWAY bread - the sandwiches were donated to City Harvest. (Photo by Diane Bondareff/Invision for SUBWAY/AP Images)

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The Giants are off today as they transition their preseason training from UAlbany back to the Timex Performance Center where practices resume tomorrow. Practices will not be open to the public.

With the upstate portion of training camp officially over, the Giants are back in New Jersey where they can sleep tight in their own beds for the rest of the year. The mattresses at UAlbany were being blamed for just about everything, from being too small to even being the cause of back injuries.

?We?re big humans. Every bed is small,? TE Martellus Bennett told reporters yesterday. ?You can?t put a damn dinosaur in a twin-sized bed. ... A normal-sized human jumps into a regular-sized bed and it fits perfectly. Large, big humans jump in a regular-sized bed, the bed?s too small. My back doesn't hurt. My back feels great. I have a great back."

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While the Jets are constantly measuring themselves against the them, the Giants see the Jets as just another opponent. This week, the two teams will meet in their annual August clash, which is traditionally played the third week of the preseason. It has been moved up to Week Two this year.

The Jets have been working on their "wildcat" formation, which will give the Giants something new to prepare for. Most NFL teams would be openly annoyed with the Jets for running such an untraditional strategy in a preseason game, which are generally reserved to get veteran players reps as well as evaluate the rookies.

Last week, Cincinnati head coach Marvin Lewis asked Rex Ryan not to employ the wildcat for just that reason. This week the Jets have announced publicly that they will run it against the Giants.

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from our colleague Tom Murro of Fox News?:
David Yurman?Summer Rooftop Soiree Wed night in NYC-??Who was there?? David Yurman and his wife Sybil, NY Giants great?Tiki Barber?and his new wife Traci Lynn Johnson, Chef Chris Nirschel, Ralph Lauren Model Ubah Hassan,?(Boxer) Eric Kelly, Stephen Baldwin and Mick Rock.????
While I was chatting up the Olympics with Barber , he showed much love for Michael Phelps by saying ''He's the greatest Olympian who ever lived''??
Lots of guests were coming up to congratulate Tiki and Traci on tying the knot last week.??Their wedding took place at the Manhattan Marriage Bureau last Thursday.
Tiki's a real popular guy at parties, although he said he only shakes like 40-50 fan hands a day when he's not in the office, and doesn't carry hand sanitizer (I had to ask).
?The Barbers with our colleague Tom Murro of FOX News
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Tim Tebow is in New York and the media is falling over themselves to get to him. In the wake of it all, stands the Super Bowl champion Giants, who prefer to be left alone so they can get down to business.

"I don't want ESPN camped out here and us doing interviews here, doing all that stuff," Eli Manning told USA TODAY Sports on Wednesday. "(Quiet) is the way we like it. There's good attention and bad attention. Right now, training camp is about football, getting away from all the distractions and worrying about your team coming together and playing at a high level."

But is there a tad of jealousy running throughout the Giants? Should there be? The ESPN coverage of the NY market by ESPN has been so lopsided, they jettisoned a camera crew to Albany yesterday in an attempt to even things out.

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Week 1 NFL Preview from our friends at?SBRForum.com

Interested to know what may be the best NFL picks for Week 1 of the season? Look no further as we rummage through the schedule and see where we might find the best available value.

It all starts on September 5th, on a Wednesday no less.

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In today's 60 Seconds of Sound, which recaps the last 24 hours in New York sports, Jeremy Lin is introduced as the newest Houston Rocket, Santonio Holmes pleads to the media and David Wright reacts to the Mets win.

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NYC was hit with a couple of violent storms this afternoon. Former Giant Dhani Jones took this unbelievable shot from a plane he was traveling in....

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In today's 60 Seconds of Sound, which recaps the last 24 hours in New York sports, Raul Ibanez discusses his grand slam, Matt Harvey reacts to a decent start and Frank Isola talks about the Jeremy Lin decision.

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In today's 60 Seconds of Sound, which recaps the last 24 hours in New York sports, Dan Warthen talks about his ejection, A-Rod reacts to popping up in 9th and Frank Isola discusses Jeremy Lin's contract situation.

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The only internet radio show dedicated solely to Giants Football returns tonight at 9PM on Blog Talk Radio. Giants Rush is back!

GFB Editors John Fennelly and Rich Resch will be joined by Craig Santucci for an hour chock-full of Giants news, opinion and entertainment. Training camp is only two weeks away!

For the show page CLICK HERE

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Giants' DL Chris Canty's foundation is teaming up with the United Way of New York City and the PAL to provide the underprivileged youth of NYC a chance to practice with - and learn life lessons - from the pros. Today, at George Washington HS in Manhattan, about 300 kids hit the field with two dozen pro football stars.

The official release....

The Chris Canty Camp of Champions was in New York for the first time this summer. New York Giants Defensive Lineman Chris Canty and other NFL players taught on and off the field skills to campers, most of who hail from underprivileged families. The two-day camp, which started today and continues tomorrow, is sponsored by the Chris Canty Foundation, United Way of New York City and the Police Athletic League of New York City.

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Please post the below blurb with the video.

On today?s 60 Seconds of Sound, Pete DeBoer reacts to the Devils? loss, Familia struggles and Stony Brook goes to the CWS.

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The Giants have been active in the news these days, although not all of it good. As they begin their mandatory three-day minicamp at TIMEX today, the weather is supposed to be rainy for the next two days. 90 guys in the fieldhouse? Not much will get done, I imagine..........What to look for this week.....

David Diehl was arraigned yesterday in Kew Gardens. He is charged with two counts of DUI. His next court date is July 26, the first day of Giants training camp in Albany. From Geico SportsNite:

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The word is out that Tampa Bay TE Kellen Winslow, Jr. is being shopped around. It's a peculiar time to be looking to make a trade, but several teams may be interested. ESPN NFC East blogger Dan Graziano says the Giants could be one of those teams but will only pull the trigger if the price is right....

"They signed (Martellus) Bennett, but he only accounts for one of the two holes opened by the ACL injuries of tight ends Jake Ballard and Travis Beckum in the Super Bowl. There are reports that Beckum could be ready early in the season, but optimism sometimes gives way to reality, and the Giants may want to have coverage. As is always the case with the Giants, if they're interested, it would have to be for their specific price..."

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NY Jet Brandon Moore, NY Giant Chris Snee and NFL Hall-of-Famer Harry Carson among Honorees

Former NY Jet Joe Namath and Current NY Giant Victor Cruz Among Players Expected to Attend

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The Giants had one of the league?s most prolific offenses last season, ranking ninth in points per game (24.6), fifth in pass yards per game (295.9) and eighth in total yards per game (385.1). These metrics are impressive, but let us not ignore Big Blue?s putrid rushing yards per game average (82.1), good for last in all of football.

The departure of Brandon Jacobs?and his accompanying 152 carries and 571 rushing yards?to the San Francisco 49ers only figured to further debilitate an already feeble ground game, leaving the Giants in danger of reclaiming their spot as the league?s worst rushing team. Help arrived at approximately 11:30 p.m. Thursday night in the form of 5-foot-9, 205-pound running back David Wilson, a shifty speedster from Virginia Tech who immediately slides into the No. 2 spot on the Giants running back depth chart.

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Giants Ring of Honor inductees Harry Carson and Amani Toomer are scheduled to appear at the New York International Auto Show tomorrow in Manhattan.

WHO: Amani Toomer & Harry Carson

WHEN: Saturday , April 7th, 2:00 ? 4:00 PM

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Greetings from NYC, where Spring has sprung again. Three weeks from now we will be at the NFL Draft, where the Giants will be at the back of the line waiting their turn - or as I like to put it - waiting for someone to make a mistake. Here is what is happening....

The NFL released it's 2012 Preseason schedule yesterday. The Giants will play the Jaguars and Jets away and the Bears and Patriots at home:

  • Week One (Aug 9-13) - Giants at Jacksonville (TBA)
  • Week Two (Aug 16-20) - Giants at Jets (TBA)
  • Week Three - Fri Aug 24 - Chicago at Giants CBS (8:00 PM)
  • Week Four - Wed Aug 29 - New England at Giants (Kickoff TBA)
This schedule guarantees the Giants will not have to travel for an entire month (at the least) since they open at home Sept 5 vs the Cowboys. Its nice to be the king once in awhile...

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"Giants Rush", the newest, freshest internet radio program solely dedicated to New York Giants Football, will air tonight on Blog Talk Radio at 9pm.

John Fennelly, Dr. Football, Rich Resch and Craig Santucci will be joined by Ed Valentine of Big Blue View to discuss the latest news and happenings as well as the upcoming NFL Draft.

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As if Lin-sanity wasn?t overhyped enough, here comes Tim-sanity.

Or, if you prefer, Tebowmania. Whatever it?s labeled and however it?s packaged, there?s a good chance that the New York Jets? latest attempt to make a big splash will once again result in New York?s second-class football team ending up all wet.

Until the Jets finally end their 43-year-old drought and reach another Super Bowl ? let alone win one, or even multiple National Football League titles, like their MetLife Stadium co-tenants, the New York Giants ? they?ll continue to suffer from their unmanageable inferiority complex.

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A new Giants-only radio program: Giants Rush will make it's debut tonight on Blog Talk Radio at 9pm.

GFB's John Fennelly and Rich Resch will be joined by Bleacher Report's Craig Santucci and Dr. Bill Chachkes of Football Reporters Online to discuss all the latest Giants news, happenings and rumors.

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The Giants will not be opening the 2012 season against the Green Bay Packers as many had projected.

It will be the hated Dallas Cowboys instead. Hey, why not?

The two clubs have a long history of spoiling each other's parties. The Cowboys defeated Big Blue in the first-ever game at the old Giants Stadium and then the Giants returned the favor a few years back by winning the inaugural contest at Jerry World.

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Giants CB Terrell Thomas signed a contract to potentially stay with the club for four more seasons. He appeared on SNY's WheelHouse Tuesday to discuss his deal and his recovery from a season-ending knee injury.

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Last year, I was all over the idea of Plaxico Burress coming back to the Giants after his release from prison. I urged the Giants to take a look.

They did better than just look. The Giants met with Burress and even showed some interest in signing him. In the end, he chose to sign with the Jets instead. It was an experiment that didn't really work out for both signor and signee.

The Jets' offense did not take advantage of Burress' attributes as fully as they could have. In turn, he had been out of football for three years and wasn't nearly the player he was before his incarceration.

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Don't feel too bad if Giants' WR Victor Cruz doesn't get a big raise this season...he's doing just fine for a guy no one outside of hardcore Giant fans knew only six months ago...

Cruz has the potential to make much more money off the field than he does on it.

From today's NY Post Page Six:

Victor Cruz has a $400,000 advance deal for a memoir, a personal invitation from Anna Wintour to attend the Met Ball and turned down ?Dancing With the Stars?? but he says he is most looking forward to spending any extra money he earns after the New York Giants? Super Bowl win on a new house for his mom. While refusing to comment on his expectations for a pay raise, $450,000-a-year Cruz tells Page Six Magazine that the one thing he looks forward to buying is ?my mother?s house. It?s time that I buy her a house.? He has credited his mom, Blanca Cruz, a customer-service representative at Benjamin Moore who lives in the Fourth Ward of Paterson, NJ, for pushing him to work for his dream. Cruz cut the ribbon to kick off New York Fashion Week, and shortly after received a personal invitation from Wintour to May?s prestigious Met Gala. While Cruz admits he didn?t even know what the Met Gala was, his girlfriend, Elaina Watley, hopes Tom Ford might consider dressing them both. Cruz told Page Six Magazine, out in The Post on Thursday, ?She almost jumped out of her skin when she got the e-mail [from Wintour], but I am excited for her.?

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Giants' Championship Season DVD Available Today

The Giants' Super Bowl XLVI Championship season has been captured by NFL Films and produced by Vivendi Entertainment on a DVD that will be released for public consumption today.

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