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Have you had enough yet? The NFL Draft is still ten full days away. The chatter is getting tiring and sloppy and I'm pretty much done. Hopefully things will tighten up as the draft gets closer.

Here are some blogger takes on the Giants and the draft...

Giants seeking an impact player in this year's draft (Giants Rush).

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From Andy Furman of Ultimate NYG

We knew we were going to find out if the Giants were real against Dallas. 6 games of ugliness were followed by 4 games of hope. The hope had an asterisk of having played against 4 pretend QBs. What would happen when the Giants finally faced a real QB?

They came up short.

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From Andy Furman of Utlimate NYG:

More bad football.??"The teams traded mistakes throughout."The procession of opponents with not-ready-for-primetime QBs continued.

  • Josh Freeman in his first appearance in a Viking uniform.? Check.
  • A hobbled Vick, followed by Matt Barkley.? Check.
  • A hobbled Pryor who was unable to run beyond a trot.? Check.
  • Up next is?Aaron Rodgers?broken collarbone,?Seneca Wallace?groin injury, Scott Tolzien from the practice squad?
At least the Giants defense is not allowing many TDs to these imposters.? The defense has gone 3.5 games only allowing the opponent into the end zone once.? Given the Giants offensive turnovers (2) and mayhem of special teams (1 turnover), that alone is impressive.? To repeat a line we tweeted, it reminds us of the 1970s when the Defense would successfully get off the field and tell the Offense to hold'em until they could get back out there and put up more points.? Terrell Thomas picked off Pryor, who was positively woeful (11/26 122 yds 0 TDs 1 INT) inside the pocket.? The 65 yard INT return to the OAK 3 yard line was instrumental in the setup for the go ahead TD.

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One of the things I've missed in recent months has been the analysis of my friend Andy Furman over at Ultimate NYG. Well, Andy is back and he's still as critical as ever. Here's his latest...

1) Hail Jerry Reese.? I just loved the tone he set at the opening of camp when he reminded all of the players that making the playoffs in only 1 of the last 4 years is unacceptable.? We are very grateful for having won a Championship in 2011, but let's not forget that the Giants got that playoff bid as 9-7 Division winners.? Think about this juxtaposition from the last 4 years:

Winning the Super Bowl in one season... Missing the playoffs in the other 3.

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The 49ers talked all week about revenge. In the NFL revenge talk is unprofessional. As Paul Newman said in The Sting: "Revenge is for suckers," and that is what the 49ers were yesterday - suckers.

They may have forgotten who they were dealing with. The New York Football Giants are one of the few teams in the NFL that you do not put into a corner.

They go to the draft every year and sign free agents. They hold training camp and practices just like everyone else. Last time I checked, there was a weight room at TIMEX. The Giants have big, strong, tough guys, too. A bunch of talk isn't going to deter them. In fact, it wakes them up.

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The Giants are off today as they transition their preseason training from UAlbany back to the Timex Performance Center where practices resume tomorrow. Practices will not be open to the public.

With the upstate portion of training camp officially over, the Giants are back in New Jersey where they can sleep tight in their own beds for the rest of the year. The mattresses at UAlbany were being blamed for just about everything, from being too small to even being the cause of back injuries.

?We?re big humans. Every bed is small,? TE Martellus Bennett told reporters yesterday. ?You can?t put a damn dinosaur in a twin-sized bed. ... A normal-sized human jumps into a regular-sized bed and it fits perfectly. Large, big humans jump in a regular-sized bed, the bed?s too small. My back doesn't hurt. My back feels great. I have a great back."

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Today marks the Giants' final workout of the summer at UAlbany. They will come back down the Turnpike tomorrow and resume the remainder of their preseason workouts at their headquarters at TIMEX.

Will today be the last Albany sees of the Giants? Both CEO John Mara and head coach Tom Coughlin are proponents of getting the team away for camp and each has complimented UAlbany for their support and hospitality. But UAlbany does not have an indoor facility for the Giants to train in inclement weather, and with the growing number of teams opting to stay home for training camp, the Giants may just have to scrap the trip for logistical purposes.

Yesterday's practice had a few absences due to injury, but LB Michael Boley's hamstring is one that is beginning to wear on Coughlin:

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The Giants reported to camp in Albany today and were greeted by the usual cadre of reporters. Here are some highlights from those sessions.....

"I enjoy coming to Albany. I think it?s fun to have roommates and staying in dorms. I went to summer camp when I was 10 years old and I kind of feel like I get to go to summer camp at 31. So that?s fun for me and I think that it?s a great team bonding experience. It will be fun with the Olympics going on this year. When the competitions are going on at night, you get to get a bunch of guys in the same room and cheer for the US. So those types of things are fun when you have dorms rather than being in a hotel." - QB Eli Manning on the advantages of training away from home.?

"I really just want to kick those guys? a?es. You know what I?m saying? That?s what it?s all about, you know? I mean, we?re cool, but we ain?t that cool. I kind of got some ill feelings towards them. It?s a game. Every game is the same way. I kind of hate everybody, honestly, in the NFL."?-??TE Martellus Bennett on if their were any 'weird' feelings after playing his whole career in Dallas.

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Most of the beat writers hustle-up the last few days before the break and get as many interviews as possible. They know from experience that once minicamp is over it could be six weeks before they have access to the team or players again.

The veterans we have heard from ad nauseum this year already. But how about some stories about the exciting and interesting players the Giants have picked up this spring?

Don't sweat it. SNY insider Mike Garafolo and Pat Traina of Inside Football have you covered.

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The other day we posed two trivia questions and here are the answers....

Who wore No. 56 before Lawrence Taylor and what was LT's original number?

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Today is Flag Day and it also wraps up the Giants' three-day mandatory minicamp over at TIMEX. Yesterday, our man Jimmy Kempski was there and provided an inside look at the action (READ).

We may have covered the Patriots' signing of TE Jake Ballard ad nauseum here, but has been a main topic of conversation throughout Giants' minicamp. Although Ballard was not scheduled to return due to injury, he was still well-liked and many feel he was signed away by New England simply to spite the Giants.

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Being one year older than the Mets and having grown up in Flushing, I find myself still stunned by the Mets' first no-hitter in their fifty-one year existence. Don't know why, but I never thought I'd see this happen. Buuuut....the Mets never cease to amaze, always providing their fans with something they've never seen before and this no-no could not have come at a better time in team history.

Congratulations to good guy Johan Santana and Met fans everywhere who have painfully suffered through a half-century of close calls. Our man Matt Cerrone of MetsBlog and the SNY team have great coverage of the historic event, so click on over.

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OTAs resume today at TIMEX and the speculation has begin on which one of these new additions the Giants are bringing in will help the ballclub the most in 2012.

Will it be a rookie? David Wilson or Reuben Randle, perhaps? Could it be the raw Adrien Robinson or the beast, Markus Kuhn?

How about a veteran addition such as Martellus Bennett, Keith Rivers, Shawn Rogers or Chris Horton?

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From GFB contributor Matthew Cohen:

The Offense Has to Keep the Ball Away from the Other Team's Quarterback

How many times do we hear announcers say that the offense has to keep the ball away from the other team's quarterback? This is usually accompanied by some picture of the other team's QB sitting on the bench or throwing the ball (what else would they be doing?).

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Giants head coach Tom Coughlin hosted his 17th annual Jay Fund golf tournament near Jacksonville yesterday and told reporters that retirement from football was not on his immediate horizon.

As per Gene Frenette of the Florida Times-Union:

"I'm not mentally, not physically, ready [to retire]," said Coughlin, who played host to his 17th annual Jay Fund golf tournament Monday to benefit cancer-stricken families on the First Coast. "I feel I have good energy. I'm excited every day. The competitiveness, the nature of the business, is something that I'm still excited about. I don't wander down that path. I don't think about retirement. I enjoy the situation I'm in. I appreciate the backing I've received from [Giants] ownership and the way the players have responded to our program.

"I really don't feel any pull or tug in another direction. I look at it on a yearly basis. In our business, no matter how many years they give you on the contract, it's a one-year deal anyway."Dan Hicken of FCN - FirstCoastNews - was at TPC Sawgrass today and caught up with Coughlin and WR Hakeem Nicks...

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Some drafniks think Stanford TE Coby Fleener is overrated, but with Eli Manning throwing him the ball, he could become a star for the Giants.

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In the history of the NFL there have only been eight "back-to-back" Super Bowl winners.

The Packers, the Dolphins, the Steelers (twice), the Niners, the Cowboys, the Broncos and the Patriots.

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March 8th always reminds me of Ali-Frazier I, which was incredibly 41 years ago today. I predicted Ali would win in a decision. Did not foresee the Frazier left hook from the basement in the 15th. Neither did Ali, who ended up on his backside with a broken jaw...

Now to the Giants, who are one of the few teams not in the running for the services of Eli Manning's brother Peyton. We have our Manning. And our championships. Time for others to dream.

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The Daily News panel answers the top five hottest questions following the Giants' victory in Super Bowl XLVI. Which catch was bigger - Tyree's or Manningham's? DE Justin Tuck delivers another great Super Bowl performance.

The WheelHouse welcomes Giants linebacker Michael Boley to share his thoughts on winning his first Super Bowl championship.

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Giants' WR Mario Manningham's promising NFL career has been one that has been held back by incessant ailments and inconsistent performances. This year, he almost became an afterthought with both Hakeem Nicks and Victor Cruz having monster seasons.

Last night, with the Patriots pulling out all the stops to neutralize Cruz and struggling to keep up with the prolific Nicks, Mario made the best of the opportunities QB Eli Manning presented him with. His 38-yard reception on 1st-and 10 from the Giants' 12-yard-line with 3:46 remaining jumpstarted the Giants' game-winning drive.

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The Giants won their second Super Bowl in five seasons last night and the fans - who rode the rollercoaster ride with Big Blue all year - were rewarded with an exciting 21-17 victory over the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XLVI last night.

?Big Blue gave us a game to remember, and on Tuesday we're going to give them a parade to remember,? NYC mayor Mike Bloomberg said in a statement.

From GEICO SportsNite: Giants fans react after watching the Giants defeat the Patriots in Super Bowl XLVI on Sunday night.

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The Giants' defense stepped up when it counted tonight, getting the job done on Tom Brady Brady and Co in SB XLVI....

Your browser does not support iframes.

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from Andy Furman of Ultimate NYG...?

Before the NFC Championship game, we noted in our final thoughts about how to attack San Francisco in the run game:

"The strength of the 49ers is their inside game. Willis. Justin Smith. Bowman. Don't bother trying to go crazy running in between the tackles."

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QB Eli Manning was still considered a green novice when his Giants were up against the accomplished one - Tom Brady - and the 18-0 New England Patriots in Super Bowl XLII.

This time around, he is much more an equal to Brady and his team is every bit - if not more - talented than Bill Belichick's bunch. Manning was asked how different he is now as compared to four years ago.

"Anytime you have four more years of experience you should be a better quarterback and a better player ? a better understanding of your offense, better control of what?s going on. I think I?ve made improvements in those four years," Eli said. "I?ve worked hard to try to become a better quarterback and make better decisions and be a better leader. Those are some of the things I?ve worked on."?

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Eli Manning met with the media Tuesday and said he felt good despite getting the snot knocked out of him during Sunday's big win vs San Francisco. His gritty performance had laid to rest much of the debate about whether or not he is elite. He was asked if he had any regrets in staking that claim before the season...

"No. I don?t have any regrets. I thought I gave an honest answer," Eli stated. "I didn?t regret it at the time or think anything of it at the time. Obviously it?s been made into a big deal, but I can?t always control that. I?m worried about getting ready to play this game and go out there and play my best football and get the team to play our best football. That?s my job. My job is to play the game. It?s your job to talk and make up stories."

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A few final thoughts before the NFC Championhip Game tonight. Kickoff is scheduled for 6:40. The game will be broadcast on FOX with Joe Buck and Troy Aikman providing the call (which is not a bad thing, b/c if they doing your games late in the season, that means things are going well..)

from Andy Furman of Ultimate NYG....


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There is little time to celebrate this morning, unfortunately. If you want to get the Super Bowl from the WildCard round, you have to put your head down and keep barreling forward.

The Giants' dismantling of the defending champion Packers at Lambeau Field last night was a thrill for all fans of the Blue, but in the overall scheme of things it was just Chapter Two.

Chapter Three will be another daunting task: Jim Harbaugh's rough-and-tumble 49ers at Candlestick Park. The advantage will go to the hosts (San Fran is a 2 1/2 point morning line favorite), but the Giants are the more experienced post-season team.

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from Andy Furman of Ultimate NYG....

The NY Giants are going to California!? The Road Warriors soundly defeated the Packers and overcame some of the worst and disgusting officiating in recent memory.? Tremendous win!? How many people would have forecast that Aaron Rodgers and Drew Brees would be gone from the playoffs?!? It's the Giants vs SF for a ticket to Indianapolis.

Normally one of the things that we preach when you go on the road is the need for TDs, not FGs.? But in the first drive, the Giants got a FG and it was G-R-E-A-T!? We tweeted at the time:

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from Andy Furman of Ultimate NYG...

I am not a big fan of everything that Mike Francesa says, but I was listening to him give his monologue Friday and I think he made a lot of very good points:

1) The Giants are a big play team. They are #1 in the league in plays for 30+ yds. Do not try to make them a possession/run team.

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Packers' DT B.J. Raji's comments about the Giants' offensive line being soft caused a stir in the Giants' locker room locker room yesterday. Well, not really. The Giants don't really care what Raji or anyone else has to say at this point....

"If you need extra motivation this time of year, there's something wrong," said OL Kevin Boothe. "It doesn't change our preparation." (See video above for more comments).

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The Giants are two days away from facing down the Packers at chilly Lambeau Field in the NFC Divisional Playoffs. They are as healthy as they have been for some time, with everyone (with the exception of LB Mark Herzlich) expected to practice today.

Yesterday, RB Danny Ware (concussion) was cleared for action while others - RB Ahmad Bradshaw (foot, back), S Deon Grant, CB Aaron Ross (concussion), DE Osi Umenyiora (ankle, knee) and CB Corey Webster (hamstring) were held out for precautionary reasons.

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from Rich Conforti of Ultimate NYG....

Let?s start out by addressing the topic of the near 2011 Giants collapse.

Did it appear at times that we were headed for one? Sure.? Bottom line is that this team finished out the last quarter of the season with a 3-1 record. Despite endless amounts of nitpicking, this team rallied at the end of the season to make the playoffs.

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from Rich Conforti of Ultimate NYG...

While none of us want to let our guard down after 13 or 14 brutal efforts on the ground by the Giants, it looks like they may have turned a corner. Last week was the peak for them so far this season with 172 "easy" rushing yards.? It sure made things look even easier in the passing game at times.

Brandon Jacobs continues to be the hot back for the Giants.? A lot of his success has come by way of misdirections and counters. Bradshaw has had his share too. As you?ll see below, all of the plays looked at are run to the right. At Lambeau that area of the field belongs to Clay Matthews (who has become an excellent run defender). Maybe flip some of these to the left?

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Giants' DE Jason Pierre-Paul hasn't done much wrong this year, being named a first-team NFL All-Pro in his second season and became a household name to NFL fans. He made a huge misstep yesterday afternoon by providing the Green Bay Packers with some bulletin-board fodder - a no-no for Giants' players.

"We?re going to win. One hundred percent, we?re going to win ? because we?re the best," JPP said after the game, unaware of the downstream effects his guarantee could create for his team.

"I am not commenting on that," said Tom Coughlin when asked what he thought of the prediction. "It is just like right now, let us study them and then we will talk about them on Wednesday. I realize everybody is anxious and I am, too. I told the players that and let?s cover the game and learn from the game we just played, let?s keep things in perspective, let?s get started looking at some tape but let?s not get too carried away just yet. Wednesday will be a nice time for that."

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You can forget about weather being a factor in this Sunday's Wild Card Playoff game vs the Falcons. There is no precipitation expected at all, now. Forecasters are calling for sunny skies with temps around 45 degrees.

On the injury front, RB Ahmad Bradshaw (foot), LB Mark Herzlich (ankle), T Tony Ugoh (ankle) did not practice today.

Limited in practice again today were TE Jake Ballard (knee), RB Da'Rel Scott (knee), DE Osi Umenyiora (ankle, knee) CB Corey Webster (hamstring) was a late add.

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By Dr. Bill Chachkes-Football Reporters Online-Special to GFB

The Giants can show me something tonight. Everyone (including Dallas fans & NY haters everywhere) wants to believe that the Giants will choke tonight against Dallas. Not so fast Boys and Girls. The Giants are playing for a division title tonight, even though a win ?only? gets them a 9-7 record. People are comparing them to the Seahawks of last year, when there is no real comparison.

This year more then any other recent season, we saw ?Pete?s Parity? (named for Former NFL Head Pete Rozelle, even though he didn?t ?write? the computer program that creates the schedule, Former NFL office staffer Val Pinchback did) come into heavy play late in the season. In the 15th week, 22 teams still were trying to earn 7 of the 12 spots. That?s because of a computer controlled schedule more then any teams? greatness (except for Green Bay).

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I have been reading a lot about the future of the Giants' head coach Tom Coughlin. The bottom line is no one knows what the team is thinking right now.

The team will have to justify keeping him on if they lose to the Cowboys tonight. He is an upstanding guy with loads of integrity and will be difficult to replace. But this is New York, and there is new stadium that needs to be paid for, so conventional thinking may be cast aside during the decision process.

You can make a case for keeping him. But then again, you can make the opposite case as well.

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from Glenn Warciski of Ultimate NYG

Besides stopping the Cowboys rushing attack, the Giants must pressure and contain Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo. Romo, an elusive quarterback, is able to improvise on any given play. When pressured, he has a knack for evading a pass rush. When flushed out of the pocket, Romo makes plays.

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On behalf of all of the staff here at SNY Giants Blog, I would like to wish all of our readers a happy and healthy holiday season. ?Thank you for making us the most valued Giants destination on the web.

It has been a difficult year, and personally - I'm exhausted. Between the insanity of the lockout, the injuries and the closeness of the all games the Giants have played, there is not much of me left standing.

Now let's go out and whip those Cowboys!

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Famed American fashion designer and Giants fan Kenneth Cole hosted a V.I.P. sale with proceeds going to benefit New York Giants? football star Justin Tuck?s R.U.S.H. for Literacy charity.

R.U.S.H. for Literacy, founded by Justin and his wife Lauran in 2008, encourages children in selected schools in New York and Tuck?s home state of Alabama to read, understand, succeed and hope.

Justin was thrilled as many of his teammates braved the massive crowd of tourists and holiday shoppers in one of Manhattan?s busiest neighborhoods to show support for the kids and their All-Pro Defensive End including Michael Boley, David Baas and Mark Herzlich.

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There are no prizes for second place, so I have been told over the years....

A Tom Coughlin-coached team has been here before.?In 2007 the NY Giants punched the NE Patriots right in the mouth during the last game of season. The Giants played fast and hard as they smacked Tom Brady and the Pats with reckless abandonment.

That final game set the tone for one of the greatest Super Bowls of all time. So, if the NY Giants take care of business against the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday, the Giants will be one step closer to the final goal.

Enclosed is a list of players that helped the Giants in their best game of season.

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Yesterday, the Giants got some good news. A dose of reality came first as OT Stacy Andrews came by the facility to visit along with brother, former Giant Shawn Andrews.

Stacy was placed on IR this week after it was discovered that he had pulmonary embolisms - blood clots - in his lungs. He is looking good and will be able to resume his career next season.

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Pro Football Hall-of-Fame QB Troy Aikman, FOX Sports' top NFL analyst, spoke with the LoudMouths yesterday on the air via phone.....

Daily News Live: Packers Ready to Be Had?

The DNL crew thinks the Giants have a realistic chance to take down the Packers, who haven't lost in 2011.

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The Giants have slowed the mighty Saints' offense by mixing up coverages, but have not been able to solve the complete puzzle. QB Drew Brees has had a typical Brees-like half (17/25, 265 yds, 3 TD, no picks) hitting his stable of fleet receivers practically at will.

New Orleans, who only punted once in the first half, saw their opening 11-play drive end fruitlessly when a fake-FG try was thwarted by the Giants on the 11-yard-line. Two subsequent drives ended in TD passes by Brees (one to WR Lance Moore and the other to TE Jimmy Graham). ?The Saints finished the half by taking possession of the ball on their own 12 with 1:09 remaining and driving 88 yards for another Brees-to-Moore TD strike. Six plays in just 34 seconds.

The Saints passed all over the Giants, and rushed for 80 yards on 13 carries to boot.

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from James Varney of the Times-Picayune..

"The New York football Giants strutted to New Orleans in October 2009 undefeated and ready to be crowned the best team in football. Instead, they were embarrassed by a New Orleans Saints team that, events culminating in Super Bowl XLIV would prove, actually was the best team in football.

Giants quarterback and New Orleans native Eli Manning insisted Wednesday that 48-27 humiliation isn't at the forefront of his thinking this week as he prepares to return to his hometown for a Monday night showdown with the Saints. But he hasn't forgotten it, either..."

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The Giants stink when they are favorites. It's a fact. They don't relish that role nor do they embrace it. That is why it always appears they are playing to the level of their opponent. They are in close games no matter who they face.

DE Justin Tuck cannot figure out this team's identity. One thing is for sure, though. The play better as underdogs.

"I don?t know what it is about this team. For some reason we play better when people doubt us." Tuck said. "In a way I?m kind of comfortable with how we are. I don?t know what it is. We don?t play well as favorites. I hope we?re two-touchdown underdogs or something going down to New Orleans."

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