With the draft just sixteen days away, the rumors are beginning to heat up. The Giants hold the ninth overall pick and are at the mercy of the acumen of the eight teams in front of them. Here's the latest on how things are breaking within the top nine slots in the draft...

1. Tampa Bay - are still believed to covet Florida State QB Jameis Winston first overall. But last week, ownership began to scrutinize Winston fearing he was a PR problem. ESPN's Chris Mortensen is reporting the Bucs have moved on to his Heisman successor, Oregon QB Marcus Mariota.

2. Tennessee - are said to be committed to Zach Mettenberger at QB and that is going to create a frenzy over the next two weeks. The Titans will be receiving offers from multiple teams to part ways with the pick regardless of which one of the top two QBs is available.

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Daniel Jeremiah of NFL.com has the Giants selecting Oregon DT Arik Armstead with the ninth overall pick. Armstead is 6'8", 290 lbs, a bit tall and light for the inside in the NFL. But freaks are sometimes a good thing. And then again...

In this case, NFL.com's Lance Zierlein wrote:

Projection-based prospect with elite size and the traits to become a dominant run-stuffing defensive end in an odd front. Armstead has the explosiveness off the snap and in his jarring punch to gain early advantages and control offensive linemen. Armstead is a fast riser but is still very raw. He will need patience and coaching and must become a more effective pass rusher at some point.
Sounds a little "projecty" to me. With the ninth overall pick you need to get more stable selection. He's listed as a DT but rounds out to a DE skills-wise. He could turn out to be special, but there's too much risk here in my opinion. The folks at WalterFootball.com agree:

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The Giants use the NFL Draft much like many other teams - as an instrument to amass young talent to develop over time. The learning curves for many of their recent draftees has not been as exact and consistent as they may have anticipated.

Since 2007, when all eight draft picks were on the team's roster during Super Bowl XLII, the draft classes have been littered with projects that haven't panned out and players that were simply poor selections.

Last year, the Giants began looking at filling possible needs in the draft and at players could help them right out of the gate. First round pick RT Justin Pugh started every game, the first rookie to so since Lawrence Taylor in 1981. Second rounder DT Jon Hankins, who played sparingly, would have been utilized more had the defensive line been shorthanded or struggling, which they weren't.

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The NFL Draft continues Friday,?beginning at 7 p.m. The selection time windows will be shorter than the 10 minutes allotted in Round One. Round Two will be seven minutes per selection while Round 3 will be only five minutes per.

The Giants have the No. 11 selection in Round Two (No. 43 overall) and the No. 10 pick in Round Three (No. 74 overall). They took care of their WR need last night by selecting LSU's Odell Beckham Jr. For those who doubt that this was a reach, please stop. Several draft experts I spoke with last night overtly endorsed the pick, one telling me, "Giant fans are going to?love this kid."

There ares still several positions on the roster where the Giants need a turnkey solution, with TE topping the list. Only one was taken last night: UNC's Eric Ebron, who went to Detroit at No. 10.

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The Giants currently have the No. 12 overall selection in Thursday's NFL Draft, the first time they?ve held that pick since 1964 when they drafted RB Joe Don Looney out of the University of Oklahoma.

Looney never played for the Giants, he was traded before the season to the Baltimore Colts along with OL?Lou Kirouac and a 1965 sixth round pick for veteran DB Andy Nelson and receiver RC Owens. Both Owens and Nelson were out of football by 1965. Kirouac would play a season in Baltimore before joining the expansion Falcons in 1966.

None of that will mean anything come Thursday night.?The rumors are that teams are looking to trade up while others will be trading back.?The Giants appear to be content to let the draft come to them, as usual.

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The NFL Draft is just one week away and the anticipation is greater than ever with the two additional weeks tacked on this year. BBB lead writer John Fennelly fields questions from readers regarding what the Giants will do with the 12th overall selection in the first round next Thursday.

James B: With all these teams looking for a QB in this year's draft, should the Giants think about trading Eli if a team in the top 6 want him? ?I know there are obstacles, but if he can bring in multiple picks especially one of the picks from 1-6, It would benefit the team plus losing Eli's contract would help as well. Depending on the pick you could end up with (Jake) Matthews or (Khalil) Mack or even (Sammy)Watkins plus still have the 12th pick. Which if you go Watkins you may still get (Taylor) Lewan or (Eric) Ebron with the 12th and then draft OL (Jawaun) James and one of the QBs in the second.

Trading Eli is not on the table right now. First off, the Giants have no intention of trading him. Many teams would love to have him, but his contract makes him virtually untradable. He has cap hits of $20.4 and $19.75 million over the next two seasons. Second, he's just had ankle surgery and is coming off his worst season. Third, none of the QBs in this draft are slam-dunk franchise QBs, so the Giants would be going from a 2X Super Bowl MVP to a rookie project at QB.

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In a recent article from NFL writer of record, Peter King, the Jacksonville Jaguars have only four current starters to show from their 2009-2012 drafts:

Of the 26 players he (GM Gene Smith) selected in his four drafts, only three figure to be Jaguars starters (not including punter Bryan Anger) when the team comes off the bye Sunday at Tennessee.
The Jags are 0-8 and may not win a ballgame this season. If he is using that as a barometer for how good and bad teams are, you can look at the Giants' 2-6 record and find it justifiable.

The last four drafts have only yielded six current starters for the Giants. Three on offense (WR Hakeem Nicks, OT Will Beatty and OL Justin Pugh) and three on defense (CB Prince Amukamara, DT Linval Joseph and DE Jason Pierre-Paul).

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The Giants rookie class of 2013...top row: GM Jerry Reese, Justin Pugh, Jonathan Hankins, Damontre Moore, Ryan Nassib, coach Tom Coughlin...bottom row: Cooper Taylor, Eric Herman, Michael Cox

Top pick OL Justin Pugh was asked if there was any pressure coming into TPC and if anything has changed over the last week for him:

"Not really. I?ve been playing football my whole life, so I want to just go out there and play football. When you?re on the field, you don?t really think about all the outside aspects. You just think about playing your game and that?s just something I?m going to continue to do and something I?ve been doing, so I?m used to it."DE Damontre Moore was said to be immature and a slacker by some. That's not the case now that he's a pro. He's in the right mindset to become part of the Giants DE rotation:

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The Giants have many options in today's draft, but they also have many needs as well. The team can't afford to miss on an impact player at this spot in the draft. Below are the projected available athletes on the board for the Giants when they select at 19.

  1. Tank Carradine, DE, FSU - Tank would've been a top 10 pick in this draft if it wasn't for a knee injury during this past season at FSU. Carradine is the type of player that the Giants traditionally covet; an explosive edge rusher that has the tenaciousness required to get to the quarterback on the NFL level.
  2. D.J. Fluker, OL, ALA- Fluker is the prototype right tackle but many fans are against drafting a RT this high in the draft. Fluker does fill a need for the Giants; they currently have David Diehl penciled in at tackle and to say that his season last year was lackluster would be an understatement. Fluker would add the missing toughness and running blocking the team has been missing dearly since their 2007 championship run.
  3. Jonathan Cyprien, FS, FIU - Cyprien is regarded by many to have the highest upside of any safety in this draft class. He is a solid tackler and would fit nicely in the Giants 3 safety nickel package. His versatility would be an amazing asset for Defensive Coordinator Perry Fewell.
  4. Manti Te'o, ND, ILB - In December Te'o would have been a steal this late in the draft, but a sub par National Championship game and a fake girlfriend changed all of that. Te'o's effect on his ND team cannot be denied though and his leadership would be a valuable commodity for the Giants. He has the ability to stay on the field on 3rd down and call the plays for all defensive personnel groupings.
  5. Arthur Brown, KSU, OLB - Brown is the best linebacker in the draft in my opinion. He was all over the field defensively for Kansas State and his play making ability is something the Giants could use on their defense. The Giants don't traditionally select linebackers in the early round of the draft but fans and management won't let Brown get away like Sean Weatherspoon did a few years ago.
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The draft is 3 days away and this will be the final mock draft. We've seen teams add through free agency and trades. We've also seen prospects move up and down a lot since the Senior Bowl and Combine. All of that is combined to make this final mock draft. Last year the draft was about 45% accurate by either team or exact spot that the player was ?drafted. This year we're aiming for 60%, so take a look at the mock draft below and use the comment section to leave your opinions on the selections.

Round 1

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From Matthew Cohen / SNYGiants Contributor:

We all know that the Giants claim that they draft the best player available in round 1. Many observers doubt that this is the case. I have argued in the past that ?best player available? is a simplification of the Giants' approach. No sane person would draft a potential all pro kicker ahead of a solid tackle (Al Davis, rest in peace). The Giants look for the highest impact player available. In other words, they draft the player that they think will increase their chances of winning the most over a comparable low cost free agent.

I think that the Giants think about positions in 4 groupings.:

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DT Troy Archer was the Giants' top pick in 1976. He was killed in an auto accident in New Jersey during training camp in 1979.

Welcome back for our second chapter in Giants Draft History. We pick up in 1976, the inaugural year of Giants Stadium. The team finally had a home after three seasons of bouncing around. The new surroundings were strange ones. A 'state-of-the-art' concrete, utilitarian facility in the middle of the weeds off Route 3 in East Rutherford, NJ.

Initially, Giant fans didn't know what to make of it. Only 10.4 miles from Manhattan, it seemed like North Dakota for many of the faithful used to attending games within the confines of NYC. There was no other way to get to the new stadium except to drive or take a bus from Port Authority. When you got to the stadium, there was nothing to be found in terms of bars or restaurants and very little variety once you got inside. You were there to see the game. period.

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It's draft season and we thought we'd rehash some of the fond memories from my 47 years as a fan of the New York Football Giants. Every other day, from now until the draft, we will cover the Giants' draft history from 1970 to today. Hope you enjoy and please comment with your memories and perceptions as well.

The Giants' media guys describe the 1970's as such: The Giants in the 1970s could best be described as a team in transition. The team called four different stadiums home, played in three different states, and did not play in one postseason game. Teams like the Green Bay Packers, Chicago Bears, and Giants, so strong in the NFL?s forma- tive years, gave way to new powers like Dallas, Pittsburgh and Minnesota.

Perfect. Not too specific, kindly saving us the pain of having to re-live that period. The beginning of the decade was spotted with a few winning seasons, but as the decade went on, the Giants became a hopeless mess that prompted NFL Commissioner Pete Rozelle to intervene in 1979.

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The Giants have the second most cap in the NFC East and are a team that usually uses up the entire cap by the time the season begins. Lets take a look at a few way the Giants can manipulate the cap entering Free Agency:

Scenario 1

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  1. Cordarrelle Patterson WR Tenn - Patterson was the best kept secret entering the 2012 NCAA season. There were whispers about a Junior College kid that could add a different dynamic to an already talented receiver corps. Little did everyone know Patterson would become the star of that group and show the ability to take over games. Patterson scored through the air, on the ground, and it the return game this season for the Vols. He was often the fastest player on the field, and that says a lot in the SEC. At 6'3" 200 lbs he could run a sub 4.4 at the combine.
  2. Keenan Allen WR Cal - Allen is the #1 receiver on many big boards and his size/strength combo is hard to match. Allen is a decent route runner and has shwon that he can make the tough catches over the middle. He is number two on this list but he is the most NFL ready wide out and will start from day one for a team.
  3. DeAndre Hopkins WR Clem - Hopkins in game speed is mind boggling. He will probably run somewhere in the 4.37 range at the combine but that hardly reflects how fast he is in pads. He makes defenders seem as though they are standing still when he runs routes. His dependable hands and crisp cuts make him tailored to the NFL game.
  4. Da'Rick Rogers WR Tenn Tech - Rogers has first round talent, but has 7th round character. Countless disciplinary problems at Tennessee led to his dismissal and the maturity still isn't there. With that said the kid can ball and that is what ultimately matters in the NFL.? Rogers' hands are comparable to Hakeem Nicks, he rarely drops passes. He will make a team extremely happy in the 2nd round.
  5. Terrance Williams WR Baylor - Williams isn't the fastest player in this draft class but he showed last season that he is a top tier receiver. His production increased after RGIII went pro and he dominated games last season. His 300+ yard game against West Virginia showcased his sleek route running and understanding of zone concepts.

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Most seasons the Giants' rookie class is a study of what's to come: talented young men that need time to develop. This season is no different, except the team could use their help right now. Unfortunately, it's not likely to happen.

Every unit on their roster has gone through the "next man up" scenario and in some instances a rookie has been that next man up. Top pick David Wilson, a RB from Virginia Tech with legendary speed, has curiously not been tapped on the shoulder to inject life into the Giants' ground game.

"Just because you?re a first-round draft pick doesn?t mean you?re ready to play, or they all would be great," said RB coach Jerald Ingram. ?"Also, the difference in makeup of size. David is not a big man. He?s not 265-270 pounds. He?s not 230-225. He is a situational player as a rookie right now. Yeah he?s explosive, but at what cost is he explosive? Is he explosive at the cost of not being able to protect well, not being able to know his job well enough being a pro? That all has to develop."

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Put aside the mock drafts and the rankings for now, Newsday did something that I found real interesting. The paper?recently put together a list of the first-round picks that the Giants have made over the last 25 years, and labeled each as hit or miss.?Here's a recap, and take a look for yourself?to check Newsday's analysis. (Note that Michael Strahan and Corey Webster were second-round picks, but were the Giants first picks those years.)

1986: Eric Dorsey, Defensive end, Notre Dame: Miss

1987: Mark Ingram, Wide receiver,?Michigan State: Hit

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