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Finally, a normal week for once. After two Wednesday games in a row, a Sunday at 1 game is on the schedule this week. Don't get used to it. ?The Giants follow this Sunday's homer against Tampa with a Thursday jaunt to Carolina and a Sunday nighter in Philly. That makes three national games in the first four weeks. The price of success, I guess.

Going into this season, the Giants looked up and down their schedule and shook their heads. The only semi-breathers are this week vs Tampa and another homer against Cleveland. The way these two teams played this week, they may prove to be tough games. The Browns had the Eagles beat yesterday up until the last minute. Tampa held Carolina to 10 yards rushing.

In addition, Washington - who had a lot of the pieces last year except QB - finally have one and they could be a force. RGIII lit up the Superdome yesterday in his NFL debut. The Giants already have problems with the Redskins and now here comes this kid like a reincarnation of Randall Cunningham, the infamous Giant killer.

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