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I have contended over the past few seasons that Roger Goodell has been doing an admirable job as NFL Commissioner. That contention ended last night, when replacement officials lost control of another game, threatening to turn America's favorite pastime into a water cooler punchline.

They must end this nonsense now. From officials openly displaying their team colors on websites to being intimidated by players to even telling players to step it up because they have them on their fantasy teams, these officials are a joke.

They are putting the integrity of their $9 billion enterprise in the hands of the Gang that Couldn't Shoot Straight.

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It's hard to beat up on the replacement officials since they're being thrown into a difficult situation. Not our problem. Fans still payed full price last night and advertisers didn't get a discount.

The game had no bearing in the standings, so we can laugh about the comical ongoings we've seen thus far. But as the regular season nears, I fear we may be in for more moments like the one below.

Last night in the second quarter, the officials showed their ineptitude and inexperience during a punt play in which several penalties were called. Only problem was they had no idea what they were, which team they were on and the players who committed them. It took approximately five minutes for them to sort it all out.

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