NFL Rules

Below are the new bylaw proposals to be considered at the upcoming league meeting in Orlando next week:

Active/Inactive Lists: Increasing the game day active player list from 46 t0 49 players on games played on days other than Sunday or Monday.

A bit specific, but I agree. In fact, my contention is, with the increase in the salary cap, the roster limits should be increased to 55 or 56 players.

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There are several new rules in 2013 with the primary focus on enhancing player safety.

Equipment: ?All players ? with the exception of punters and kickers ? will be wearing thigh and knee pads this season. This ensures an equality of competition.

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Giants CEO John Mara, a long-standing member of the NFL's Competition Committee says the new rules installed by the league to shore up player safety will not diminish the physical nature of the game.

Two new rules include the elimination of the "peel back block" and the "crown of the helmet rule.""I think most people feel like the game has never been better," said Mara as per the team's website. "You do read some criticism out there from certain quarters that the game is not as tough as it used to be, because we are restricting so many of these hits. I just don?t think that at all. And I have said this many times. If you were to stand on the sideline and watch a game, or even watch a scrimmage, you can?t tell me the game is any less physical."

Peel Back Block rule: If A player who is aligned in the tackle box when the ball is snapped, he cannot initiate contact on the side and below the waist against an opponent if: (a) the blocker is moving toward his own end line; and (b) he approaches the opponent from behind or from the side.Note: If the near shoulder of the blocker contacts the front of the opponent?s body, the ?peel back? block is legal.

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In an effort to keep players safer on the field, the NLF Competition Committee is trying to install a new rule that will limit helmet-to-helmet hits. No one is fighting the fact that the league needs to reduce injuries, but the below rule could lead to injuries of other types.

Proposal: Initiating Contact with the Crown of the Helmet.It is a foul if a runner or tackler initiates forcible contact by delivering a blow with the top/crown of his helmet against an opponent when both players are clearly outside the tackle box (an area extending from tackle to tackle and from three yards beyond the line of scrimmage to the offensive team?s end line). Incidental contact by the helmet of a runner or tackler against an opponent shall not be a foul.

Note: The tackle box no longer exists once the ball leaves the tackle box.

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Free agency effectively begins Saturday, with the official bell going off at 4:00 Eastern on Tuesday, March 12th. There are questions being lobbed at us from all angles, and although things may seem simple on the surface, we employed our friends over at NFL Media to deliver a laundry list of FAQs....

Q. What is permitted during the new three-day negotiating period prior to the start of free agency?A. Beginning at 12:00 midnight ET on Saturday, March 9 (i.e., after 11:59:59 p.m. ET, on Friday, March 8) and ending at 3:59:59 p.m. ET on Tuesday, March 12, clubs are permitted to contact, and enter into negotiations with, the certified agents of players who will become Unrestricted Free Agents upon the expiration of their 2012 Player Contracts at 4:00 p.m. ET on March 12. However, a contract cannot be executed with a new club until 4:00 p.m. ET on March 12.

During this negotiation period, a prospective Unrestricted Free Agent cannot visit a club (other than the player?s current club) at its permanent facility or at any other location, and no direct contact is permitted between the player and any employee or representative of a club (other than the player?s current club). If a player is self-represented, clubs are prohibited from discussions with the player during the negotiating period.

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Leadership on the Road to a Safer Game

Remarks of Commissioner Roger Goodell at the Harvard School of Public Health November 15, 2012
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oXjahbHNmAI]

Some highlights....

"A recent Harris Poll indicated that the NFL?s popularity is rising, at an all-time high, and up 12 percent from just 10 years ago. The second most popular sport is college football. The interest is simply amazing ? driven by the character of the game, the talent and hard work of our athletes, the dedication of coaches, and the passion of our fans."

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I have contended over the past few seasons that Roger Goodell has been doing an admirable job as NFL Commissioner. That contention ended last night, when replacement officials lost control of another game, threatening to turn America's favorite pastime into a water cooler punchline.

They must end this nonsense now. From officials openly displaying their team colors on websites to being intimidated by players to even telling players to step it up because they have them on their fantasy teams, these officials are a joke.

They are putting the integrity of their $9 billion enterprise in the hands of the Gang that Couldn't Shoot Straight.

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I know we've been hammering this story, but in my 45-plus years of watching football, I can't remember a play like it. When Eli Manning knelt down on the final play of yesterday's game, the Bucs broke through the line and floored him. Words were exchanged between Tom Coughlin and Bucs' coach Greg Schiano afterward with Coughlin scolding Schiano for putting players at risk. Today, the league stated the play didn't violate any rules and they will take no action.

From Michael David Smith of Pro Football Talk:

"...NFL rules say a kneel-down play is a real play just like any other plays, and neither side needs to let up. Linemen on both sides can smash into each other just as they do on every other play, and if a defensive lineman makes it through before the quarterback kneels, he?s free to try to strip the ball.

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Last year, the NFL moved the kickoff line up five yards to the 35-yard line. The reasoning? Too many injuries were occurring on the high-speed collisions during kickoff coverage. By moving the line up, the league reduced the speed of the collisions, but also reduced the number of returns as well. Most kickers have no problem burying the football out of the back of the endzone from 65 yards away...

From Cork Gaines of Business Insider:

In 1994, the NFL moved kickoffs from the 35-yard line back to the 30-yard line, and the result was a 32.3% increase in the average number of kickoffs per game. But in the era of concussion awareness, the NFL reversed that move prior to last season, moving the kickoffs back to the 35-yard line.

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From the NFL....

The NFL Management Council and NFL Players Association have agreed to adopt 2012 Bylaw Proposals No. 2 and No. 6A, the NFL and NFLPA announced today.

Bylaw proposal No. 2 moves the trading deadline from Tuesday, October 16 ? the Tuesday after Week 6 of the regular season ? to Tuesday, October 30, the Tuesday after Week 8.

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NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said yesterday at the league meetings in Atlanta that the Pro Bowl was in jeopardy if being discontinued, a proposal that has been bandied about for years now.

The NFL has tried everything to salvage the event but the logical answer is to simply cancel the series. Football can only be played full-tilt in the eyes of America, and the Pro Bowl has become a farce in light of ultra-competitive nature of the NFL Playoffs these days.

"We did have a lengthy discussion about the Pro Bowl, not specifically about a site," Goodell said in his presser. "The discussion was about the quality of the Pro Bowl, including the commitments we have with our network partners; where we could play the game and about all of our discussions with the Players Association, how to make the game better. We?ve had numerous discussions over several months about what we can do to make the game more competitive. I?ve said it repeatedly, particularly since the last game that we have to improve the quality of that game.

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The Giants will hold OTAs at TIMEX today and tomorrow. Many of the 90 players on their offseason roster will be in attendance. Then again, there will be the usual absences. Either way, head coach Tom Coughlin told reporters that he is "energized."?

Coughlin will leave TIMEX today in order receive The?Outstanding Civilian Service Award from the U.S. Army - the third-highest award that can be given to a civilian. (READ)

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The NFL suspended four players today - LB Scott Fujita, DL Anthony Hargrove, DE Will Smith and LB Jonathan Vilma - for their roles in the now infamous BountyGate scandal.

Vilma is suspended for the entire 2012 season; Hargrove for eight games; Smith four and Fujita three. All are expected to appeal.

?It is the obligation of everyone, including the players on the field, to ensure that rules designed to promote player safety, fair play, and the integrity of the game are adhered to and effectively and consistently enforced,? Commissioner Roger Goodell said. ?Respect for the men that play the game starts with the way players conduct themselves with each other on the field.?

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At the recent league meetings, the NFL had tabled a measure to expand the offseason rosters from 80 to 90 players. Yesterday, they acted on it. The new rule goes into effect today at 4pm.

NFL spokesman Greg Aiello broke the news via Twitter yesterday....."90-player limit will include active, inactive, practice squad, exempt, reserve lists, unsigned draft choices, franchise FAs."

This will give 320 additional players jobs for the summer and a legitimate opportunity to play NFL Football. ?The roster sizes have not expanded, however, remaining at 53 players. Also no word on if the injured reserve rules will be altered to allow players to re-added to rosters during the season.

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The Bountygate situation is far from over. The New Orleans Saints are appealing the ruling by Commissioner Roger Goodell, but to what avail is to be determined this week in New York.

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The NFL adopted two rule changes on Wednesday, one regarding overtime procedures during the regular season and the other to ensure that all turnovers be subject to review. Coaches will no longer need to use the challenge flag on turnovers.

Here is the transcript of Rich McKay, head of the NFL Competition Committee Chairman who announced the results of the NFL rule changes voted on by the owners at the league meetings in Palm Beach, Florida:

"There were seven total rule proposals voted on today. Five of those passed; two of those did not.

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On 2012 Playing Rule Proposals:

As for the rules, I will take you through those proposals. This year, there are not a lot of them. There are seven in total. The first three are submitted by clubs.

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The NFL season is difficult enough for teams and players to navigate through healthy. The game by nature is one where collateral damage in the form of physical injury is unavoidable and collectively accepted. Unless, the injuries are caused by design....

The bounty system that has followed veteran coach Gregg Williams across his NFL career may have been an acceptable practice in decades past, but in the modern day NFL, where player safety and sportsmanship are at the forefront of Commissioner Roger Goodell's agenda, it is completely intolerable.

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When I watch these Giants play I feel like I'm in bizarro world. This current version of the New York Giants has shattered all of the tenets of Giant Football: a smashmouth rushing game; hard-nosed defense and discipline all around.

I see none of that. I see a porous defense, a shoddy, inconsistent rushing game and very little discipline. Back in the day when football was football there was a name for teams that lacked those qualities: doormats.

But in today's NFL, where hitting the opponent is frowned upon, all teams need to do is throw the football efficiently and stop the opponent once more than they are stopped themselves. I call this the NTFL - the National Touch Football League. I don't like it much, but when life gives you lemons, you make some lemonade.

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Here are some highlights from Roger Goodell's press conference on Tuesday at the league meetings in Houston:

On an NFL franchise in London:Are you talking about a franchise? We?re a far cry from that. I think you?re talking two different things. We?re talking about just the series. If we had a franchise, the franchise would be located over there. We obviously haven?t gone so far as to work out all of the logistics of how that would work, but if a franchise is based there that would be their home community and they would play there. Now, would they live there all year round? That?s a choice teams make, players make just like they make when they?re based here in the United States.

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Six players the Giants parted ways with yesterday didn't even get a chance to clean out their lockers as they were signed to the practice squad this afternoon.

RB Andre Brown, LB Adrian Tracy, DE Justin Trattou, QB Ryan Perrilloux, DT Dwayne Hendricks and TE Christian Hopkins were all inked to practice squad contracts today.

The Giants can add two more players to the squad, which consists of players that a) have no accrued seasons of NFL experience or b) were free agents who were on an active roster for fewer than nine regular-season games during their accrued seasons.

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Two-a-Days were always the bane of the players' existence. John Mara said he never saw the sense of them. Coaches cringed every summer. Two practices a day to them meant players had more opportunities to get injured. The new CBA took care of all that:

Work Rules ? A number of changes to the working conditions were put in place. In training camp, there will no longer be 2-a-day practices, and maximum of 4.5 hours of field time per day will be allowed. One padded practice limited to 3 hours in training camp, with a second practice limited to non-helmet walk through. The agreement also provides for unannounced inspections by NFLPA Staff to ensure compliance with the new work rules.

Tom Coughlin has seen the difference. His team seems to be healthier this camp as a result of the new rules....

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Recently I wrote a piece about the Philadelphia Eagles placing WR Steve Smith on the Physically Unable to Perform list or PUP. ?I stated that Smith would be ineligible to play until the Eagles' seventh game of the season. ?That part is true.

What I did not state was that the Eagles could pull Smith back at anytime before they set their 53-man roster the week before the first regular season game. Right now, he is on active/PUP, which precludes him from practicing with the team until either activated or placed on inactive/PUP, which then would relegate him to a six-game hiatus.

My viewpoint was that since Smith was not going to participate in training camp, he would most likely be placed on inactive/PUP. ?Eagles fans seem to think Smith will be part of their 53 man roster at the start of the season. ?Knowing what we know about microfracture surgery and NFL rosters, it seemed like a longshot that the Eagles would carry a player on their 53 that had no shot at playing the first month of the season, especially one who was new to their system and had not practiced with the team.

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Commissioner Roger Goodell spoke to the media Tuesday afternoon following the NFL Annual Meeting in New Orleans.

"Good afternoon. We had a good two days of meetings. Our primary focus was obviously on our labor dispute and on our planning and preparation on that. The second piece was obviously this is our annual meeting and we traditionally focus on our football-related matters, including the Competition Committee report which we did yesterday and again voted on all of those matters today."


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The NFL Competition Committee has passed four of the five rule proposals placed in front of them at this year's NFL Annual Meeting today in New Orleans.

Modifications to instant replay, double fouls, field color and yes, the kickoff were addressed. ?The player safety proposal regarding defenseless receivers was tabled until May.

In short, kickoffs will bw moved up to the 35-yard-line with defenders only getting a five-yard running start. ?No more than two men in a wedge formation. ?Touchbacks will still be brought out to the 20.

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NFL Wrestles With Game-Altering Proposal
The new proposal to change the kickoff rules have many coaches up in arms. ?Special teams are widely considered one-third of the game. With these new rules, most kickoffs will be rendered to nothing more than a formality.

"This is a rule 100 percent based on player safety," said Rich McKay, co-chair of the NFL Competition Committee. "We've seen higher rates of injuries than we are comfortable with, and we're trying to remedy it."

The new rules will have the kicking team lining up at the 35 yard-line instead of the 30, which is designed to slow down the speed of gunners and blockers, who will only be allowed to get a five-yard running start prior to the kick.

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Rich McKay, head of the NFL Competition Committee and Ray Anderson, NFL EVP of Football Operations held a Q&A conference call Wednesday to advise the public what they were doing to ensure overall player safety - which includes reducing injuries on kickoffs - as well as the modifications being made to instant replay.


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Speculation has begun on how the NFL would proceed if and when the lockout is lifted. ?Business resumption would have to have a set of rules ?for some semblance of order to take place.

From Mark Maske of the Washington Post:

Next season almost certainly would be played without a salary cap if NFL players succeed in their?attempt to lift the lockout put in place by team owners.

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Lots of people are submitting and/or voicing their solutions and recommendations for the new 18-game schedule. Some are very well-formed while others are hair-brained. Then there are some that hit home in one place, but miss the mark in others.

From Barry Winter of the AP...

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Few Have Faith That 2011 Will Be Biz As Usual

While draftniks and bloggers sit around toying with mock drafts and potential free agent signings, the football world braces for a long, painful work stoppage.

A work stoppage means a news stoppage. Once the Super Bowl is over, the only news football fans are going to hear - that has any basis in fact - will be regarding the negotiations.

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It's been a remarkable season in the NFL. Then again, aren't they all. This season has a different twist, though, one that will appear to keep more teams and more fans around for a lot longer. It can be summed up in one word: parity. Consider the following:

-?Heading into Sunday's games, 19 teams were within?one game of first place in their division.

- Currently, 23 of the 32 teams are within two games of the lead in their division.

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This is a copy of the video the league sent out to each team this week outlining the proper way to tackle or hit opponents....which ends with "you are on notice..."

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From the NFL.....

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell notified teams today that more significant discipline, including suspensions, will be imposed on players that strike an opponent in the head or neck area in violation of the rules.

A memo to the clubs from Commissioner Goodell was accompanied by a message and video to NFL players and coaches. The head coach of each club has been instructed to show the video and read the message to his players and coaching staff as soon as possible. The video includes examples of illegal hits and legal hits under NFL rules.

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Three violent collisions this past weekend has prompted the NFL to up the ante on fines for helmet-to-helmet violations and the players who cause them.

Pittsburgh's James Harrison was fined $75K and Atlanta's Dunta Robinson and New England's Brandon Meriweather $50K each for vicious shots they delivered on defenseless players last Sunday.

Ray Anderson, the NFL's vice president of football operations spoke with WFAN's Boomer and Carton this morning....

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For the past 17 years the Giants organization has one major constant...a defensive end that was going to play the run or the pass with a ferocity that NFL teams would have to game plan around that player.

Until former Dallas Cowboys Offensive tackle Flozell Adams stuck his leg out and tripped NY Giants Defensive End, Justin Tuck in September of 2009.? That "bush league" play by Adams cost Justin Tuck more than a shoulder injury...it cost Tuck a season of mediocre play.

A year later a healthy Justin Tuck is back and showcasing to the NFL why he is a dominant player.

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...from our colleague Ohm Youngmisuk at ESPN New York....

"Panthers safety Sherrod Martin has been fined $5,000 by the NFL for his hit on Kevin Boss that resulted in a concussion for the Giants tight end.

Boss was attempting to catch an overthrown pass when he was hit in the back of the helmet by Martin. The hit was a violation of the NFL's new rule policy to protect defenseless receivers. Head coach Tom Coughlin was upset that the league did not enforce the rules during the game.

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The Giants will practice this morning at Timex and then break until Sunday's season/stadium opener vs the Carolina Panthers.

Yesterday, the Giants had a practice that was partially closed to the media this afternoon.? In attendance was New Jersey native and Tom Coughlin acquaintance Gen. Ray Odierno, who was the Commander of U.S. Forces in Iraq until last week.? Coughlin said the general spoke to the team and commented on the content of the speech.

"Just team, about team.? About mental, physical toughness, resiliency, about overcoming anything and everything and that if you believe in one another and have each other's back.? He equated that to the group of soldiers that captured Saddam Hussein. "

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Last night, the PFNYC team had a live radio interview with former Giants and Jets DB Sam Garnes, who is currently a special teams assistant for the Carolina Panthers.

Listen to internet radio with Football Reporters on Blog Talk Radio
"Sam Garnes makes his NFL coaching debut in 2010 as the Panthers' special teams and strength and conditioning assistant, where he works closely with special teams coordinator Jeff Rodgers and strength and conditioning coach Jerry Simmons. He previously spent five seasons in a variety of coaching positions following a seven-year NFL playing career.

Garnes comes to Carolina after serving as a defensive assistant for the Las Vegas Locomotives of the UFL last year and helping them win the league's first championship. Prior to that, he twice participated in the NFL's Minority Internship Program - first with the Panthers during training camp in 2007 and then with the New Orleans Saints during training camp in 2008.

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A team of NFL officials will be in Albany to brief the Giants coaches and players on game rules.

Just in case you have not seen these, or have and forgot, here are the new rules being put in place for the 2010 season by the NFL:

  • If a replay review inside of one minute of either half results in the? on-field ruling being? reversed and the correct ruling would not have? stopped the game clock, then the officials will run 10 seconds off? the game clock before permitting the ball to be put in play on the? ready-for-play signal. Makes sense to me.
  • The eligible jersey numbers for defensive linemen, linebackers and centers have expanded. This is for teams who choose to carry a few extra players at these positions. Plus, teams have been retiring numbers, which has made less uniform #'s in those specific ranges unusable.
  • During a Field-Goal Attempt, Punt or a Try-Kick, a Team B player, who? is within one yard of the line of scrimmage at the snap, must have his entire body outside the snapper?s shoulder pads. Not sure what prompted this rule....anyone?
  • The ball will be dead if a runner?s helmet comes off. Obviously, this is for safety reasons.
  • If a loose ball in play strikes a video board, guide wire, skycam or any? other object, the ball will be dead immediately, and the down will be? replayed at the previous spot. The Dallas rule....
  • The penalty yardage for interference when a kicking team player attempts to catch a muffed kick has been eliminated. The ball will be placed at the spot of the infraction.
  • Protection for defenseless players has been standardized and expanded. For obvious reasons....
  • After the half has expired, dead-ball personal fouls by the offense or? defense will be? enforced on the succeeding kickoff. Didn't realize this was a major issue.
  • In overtime of postseason games, a field goal by the team that? possesses the ball first will not end the game on its first possession...ah, the coup d'etat of the owners' meetings.....this changes everything, for the better, we hope....
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According to several sources, safety Kenny Phillips will begin training camp on the PUP, or Physically Unable to Perform List.

The Giants are being very cautious with Phillips and his arthritic knee. This is not a surprising move at all.

For those unfamiliar with PUP rules....

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Oddsmakers Make Big Blue a Modest 11-1 To Win NFC

We know the general public is not buying the story that the Giants have shored up their defensive issues from last season.?? They want to see it with their own eyes before they believe it and furthermore, place money on it.

That is why the Giants are currently at 11-1 to win the NFC and 25-1 to win the Super Bowl.? These may sound like long odds to most, but in reality they aren't. They're middle-of-the-pack odds.

The Giants are actually the sixth-favorite to win the conference behind New Orleans (9-2), Dallas and Minnesota (6-1 each), Green Bay (7-1) and the Eagles (9-1).

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Goodell To Rookies: "Protect The Shield"

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell spoke to 252 rookie players yesterday at the NFL Rookie Symposium in Carlsbad California.? He talked about the responsibility of "protecting the NFL Shield" and the behavior model he expects every NFL player to follow.

?I talked on personal conduct. I didn?t speak about anyone in particular in that case,? Goodell said. ?But I did talk about what I call protecting the shield. My job is to protect the integrity of the NFL and to make sure the game is as safe as possible.?

Goodell does this every year with the league's new entrants. The symposium is designed to assist players into acclimating from the collegiate ranks to the professional level.? Personal conduct is only one topic broached by the Commissioner. Personal finance and making good choices in general are some others.

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Offensive Culture Drives Playoff OT Rule Change

In a move that certainly caused more than a few purists to blow a gasket, the NFL owners today voted 28-4 to change the way playoff games are decided in overtime.

A coin toss will still determine possession.? Each team will be afforded a possession in overtime, unless the team that wins the coin toss scores a touchdown on their initial possession.

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