Beat reporter Dan Graziano expects to see a lot of free agent pickup Shane Vereen in the Giants' backfield this season (ESPN.com):

The Giants signed Vereen to augment their running backs corps with a third-down playmaker who could catch the ball out of the backfield and make plays with the ball in his hands. The role offensive coordinator Ben McAdoo has in mind is the one David Wilson was supposed to play last season before neck injuries forced him into early retirement. However, Vereen brings something else in addition to his pass-catching ability on third downs. The Giants also like Vereen as a pass protection running back, which mean they believe he can help their passing game in a variety of ways.

From Rotoworld:

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If you hold the ball for 34 minutes and outproduce your opponent in yards, first downs and almost every category that matters, you should win the game. The Giants did all those things in Jacksonville Sunday, but lost. After scoring 21 first half points, they managed just three against the Jaguars in the second half, arguably the worst team in the NFL entering Week 13.

In the?third and fourth quarters, the Giants had eight possessions: one resulted in a FG and another ended on a missed FG. The other six possessions ended with the Giants punting three times and fumbling three times. They lost all three fumbles, two went for Jacksonville TDs. After racking up 254 yards in the first half, the Giants could only muster 75 in the second, prompting head coach Tom Coughlin to say after the game they would have been better off just kneeling on ball instead of trying to advance it. Yes, it has come to that.

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Overview: The Giants scored touchdowns on their first three possessions and led the ball game, 21-10, at the half.

QB Eli Manning was hot (14/16 for 191 yards and 2 TDs) and rookie WR Odell Beckham was putting on a show, reeling in all eight of his targets for 125 yards, including a one-handed TD grab for the ages. But in the second half, they came out flat, like they've done so many games this season.

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Overview: When you score ten points, you usually don't win. That held true on Sunday when the Giants could not capitalize on a slew of opportunities created an erratic 49ers offense. Even with Rashad Jennings back in the lineup, the running game is still struggling. They gained only two of their 17 first downs on the ground and could not make a yard on a crucial fourth down in 49ers territory at the end of the third quarter.

QB Eli Manning's performance will be remembered by the five INTs he threw, some of which rookies would not have thrown. He is pressing too hard at times and becomes desperate to make a play instead of checking ?down of throwing the ball away. He made plenty of good passes but the INTs and other poor throws killed the Giants' chance of getting the one more score they needed.

The offensive line continues to get outmanned in the run game and yesterday they were inconsistent in the passing game as well. When RT Justin Pugh (quad) went out and Charles Brown came in, the Niners spun him around like a top.

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The Giants have half an offense right now. There are some things that work. QB Eli Manning, when he can get the ball out to his receivers, is still effective. Rookie WR Odell Beckham, Jr. is showing the football world that he is something special.

Everything else, well...

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Giants GM Jerry Reese said at his midseason presser that he wants the offense to get more aggressive the rest of the season. OC Ben McAdoo agrees and is looking for ways to make that happen. Hint: it has something to do with throwing the ball down the field more.

"We want to be more explosive," McAdoo told reporters on Friday. We are looking for explosive plays. We feel that (explosive plays) are a part of great execution and extra effort. Regardless of how they come you want to be more explosive. Right now we?re at about 10.3 percent of our plays (being explosive). We are short about 2.7 percent of our goal. Anything above that we will take. We are working on that...2.7 percent seven games into the season is a fairly substantial number. It is nothing we can?t overcome, but we have some work to do there."

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At the beginning of the season, the Giants offense was a punch line for every talking head, pundit and blogger covering sports. Since then, they've turned things around, showing some prowess to attack defenses, but have hurt themselves at other times with turnovers, penalties and poor execution.

QB Eli Manning is "good" Eli again, having cut down on sloppy mistakes while increasing his accuracy.

QB coach Danny Langsdorf: " I think he is playing at high level and I think improved footwork has really helped out. He is obviously worked hard at that part of it, and that is a little bit different than what he was used to with the other system. We teach it a little bit differently. I think that is probably the biggest area in how fast he has been playing is his footwork."

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Overall Grade: F

The Giants' offense was downright offensive to watch Sunday night vs the Eagles. Just one trip into the red zone in 14 possessions. And on that trip, they lost both the ball on downs and WR Victor Cruz (knee) for the season.

The statistics/facts are ugly. Please clear the children from the room.

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QB Eli Manning appeared to play with more confidence this week vs the Cardinals, but the Giants' passing game is far from "where they need to be."

"We definitely played better offensively than we did the other week, but it?s still a loss," Eli said after Sunday's loss to Arizona. "We made too many mistakes and too many missed opportunities. Turnovers hurt us. We had a couple of drops, a couple missed throws with guys open on third downs and some big plays. So, better, but not where it needs to be. We made improvements, but we?ve got to find ways to win games and make some plays in the clutch."

Eli did his part, throwing for 277 yards on 26-for-39 passing and two TDs. But it could have been better. Five passes were dropped and two were intercepted. Very little of that can be attributed to Manning. His first INT deflected off the shoulder of a DT and the second was with four seconds to go in the game at midfield.

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Giant fans and the media are not sold on whether the new offense will work and there is a groundswell spreading that QB Eli Manning hasn't totally bought in as well.

Many analysts (including myself) feel that Manning does not possess the attributes needed to succeed in this system installed by OC Ben McAdoo. Others believe the light will go on very soon and the offense will begin to click.

McAdoo is one of those believers...

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Last season, the Giants' saga ended with CEO John Mara declaring his 7-9 team's offense "broken" and vowed to fix it in the offseason.

With just days to the opening kickoff, Mara and GM Jerry Reese feel they've done that, hiring a new offensive coordinator along with making a slew of personnel moves in the specific areas of need.

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The Giants will be testing out their new offense this summer vs five opponents in preseason, but the one defense that will see it the most is their own.?DC Perry Fewell was asked his impression of new OC Ben McAdoo's strategy a few weeks ago at minicamp.

"We love it," said Fewell. "It?s definitely up-tempo. It?s multiple personnel groups and he tries to get the ball to all of the different weapons that he has an opportunity to get them to. It was always difficult to defend when we played against him and it?s still going to be difficult to defend, I think, once the players react and still think. So we?re very excited about it. We love it as a defensive staff."

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It's a little early to talk about players on the roster bubble, but with the Giants going hog wild in free agency and addressing needs in the draft, they suddenly have an excess of talent a number of positions. The offense, which was deemed "broken" by CEO John Mara this past winter, has gotten a facelift: a new offensive coordinator, a new system and a positive outlook.

Below is a quick look at each offensive unit and who will be in and may may be out...

Quarterback: Eli Manning appears to be on target to take the serious snaps this summer, so what we'll be focusing on is his primary backup. Should Ryan Nassib display that he's matured to the point where the team is confident he's ready and able, the Giants may decide to go back to the two QB strategy. If not, Curtis Painter will retained. Not a simple choice, but if Nassib can step up, it would save a roster spot for someone at another position.

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Since Tom Coughlin took over as Giants head coach in 2004, the Giants have finished in the top 10 in total offense six times and finished twice more in the top 15. In 2013, the Giants dropped to 28th in overall offense (19th passing, 29th rushing).

The sudden drop in production and success can be attributed to a number of factors. Injuries, age, poor planning, lack of depth and dearth of talent due to failures in the draft all converged on the Giants last summer. They opened the season with six straight defeats but managed to recover thanks to a soft schedule that saw them play a string of teams who were without their starting quarterbacks.

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We've been asked to provide a current depth chart of the Giants. Keep in mind, free agency is still ongoing and the draft will certainly shake things as well.

Here is the current state of the offense, depth-wise:


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Every great Giants team has had a TE that other teams had to game plan for. The Bill Parcells teams had Mark Bavaro and Zeke Mowatt. Later on came Jeremy Shockey, Kevin Boss and yes, Jake Ballard.

The current edition of the Giants have the sedentary, but versatile, Bear Pascoe; Brandon Myers, who was rarely in synch with Eli Manning, and Adrien Robinson, who has yet to show Giant fans that he was worthy of fourth round pick in 2012.

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From Andy Furman of Ultimate NYG:

We know very little about Giants new OC Ben McAdoo beyond what those in the mainstream media are reporting. What we do know we like:

1) He's a positions coach who got a promotion.

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Listening to Mike Francesa the past few days about the Giants' offensive inefficiencies and he has been driving me nuts with his analysis. When callers broach the subject of play calling, he immediately cuts the caller off, stating "that's not the problem - personnel is the problem," and that he thinks play calling is "overrated."

No kidding, the Giants need to upgrade, but that's not the point his callers are trying to make. It's not the plays OC Kevin Gilbride was calling, it was the process of calling them that is in question. He took too long and it hurt the offense.

The point is the Giants weren't getting the plays into the huddle quick enough for the offense to gain any steam. ?Eli Manning was consistently bumping up against the play clock. Things went downhill from there.

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New Giants? offensive coordinator Ben McAdoo said he would like to implement an attack-style system into Big Blue?s offense for next season and beyond.

After watching the offensive unit struggle all year, McAdoo?s words are music to my ears.

However, an attack-style offense on paper is of course different from an attack-style offense in action.

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It looks like the Giants are not the only ones seeking the services of Green Bay QB coach Ben McAdoo...From Rotoworld:

Packers QBs coach Ben McAdoo is interviewing with the Dolphins for their offensive coordinator vacancy Tuesday.Although he's never been a coorindator, McAdoo is a prime candidate to fill Mike Sherman's shoes as he worked with Joe Philbin in Green Bay. He's also studied under Mike McCarthy for a decade and counts Aaron Rodgers as a reference. McAdoo is also a candidate for the Giants' OC job.

It could be that the Giants' interview was just scheduled ahead of the Dolphins' and not that McAdoo was sent away without an offer. He is rumored to have several offers on the table, plus his current job In Green Bay, so it appears that the decision is McAdoo's, not the possible suitors'.

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From SNYGiants contributor Craig Santucci:

The New York Giants and the top brass of this franchise have a big job to do and that is to fix the quarterback and this broken offense.

Moving on from Kevin Gilbride, or allowing the man to retire at this time, has a huge upside. Regardless of what you believe happened behind closed doors this move allow Eli Manning to rebound and flourish during the second half of his career and while he is healthy. It also allows Tom Coughlin to right the ship that he built and shows the fan base he is not opposed to change.

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The Giants' search for a new offensive coordinator is widening....From Rotoworld:
The Giants will interview Packers QBs coach Ben McAdoo for their offensive coordinator vacancy on Saturday.McAdoo interviewed for the Browns' head job Wednesday, but that was thought to be a token, information-gathering meeting. McAdoo is also in the Dolphins' crosshairs, but will meet with the G-Men first. The Giants' other two OC interviews have been with ex-Bucs OC Mike Sullivan and ex-Titans OC Dowell Loggains.
McAdoo comes in with a ringing endorsement from his current charge, Packers QB Aaron Rodgers. From PFT:
?I sent him a text,? Rodgers said on ESPN Wisconsin, via the Cleveland Plain Dealer. ?I said, ?Make sure you put me down as a reference.? Just a little pro athlete joke there, but I?m happy for Ben. Any opportunities he gets, he deserves. He?s a guy that works extremely hard. We had a long talk yesterday, and I just continued to echo the things that I felt about him and appreciate about him.?
To read more about McAdoo click here
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Yes, we know, the Giants need to bolster several units this offseason. The group that management will key on first is the offensive line. Other positions are in need as well, but when you examine the roster closely, the running back position has become very shaky and the Giants will need to act.

Before 2013 began, the Giants were certain that a David Wilson-Andre Brown tandem was the answer. They misjudged Wilson's ability to be an every-down back and Brown's history of not staying healthy.

Now Wilson's health is a question mark, while Brown and Peyton Hillis are heading for free agency, leaving rookie Michael Cox as the team's lone healthy RB under contract. From Rotoworld:

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Here?s a good strategy for an offense: Actually get the ball into your opponent?s territory.

The Giants did not accomplish that feat until the nine-minute mark of the fourth quarter in Sunday?s loss to the Seahawks, so it?s up to offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride to figure out how to move the ball.

Of course, five more interceptions from Eli Manning didn?t help, but it wasn?t all his fault.

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With Deron Williams back, the Nets offense was back in business this week:

Shooting: A-

Finally,?shots are dropping for Brooklyn. The Nets shot a stunning 55.7% against Boston, thanks in large part to open looks and a solid paint presence (that has a lot to do with Brook Lopez's return). They followed that up with a 44.6% effort against the Clippers. Williams looking like a top tier point guard is creating space for everyone, and the Nets haven't gotten this many good looks in weeks. Kevin Garnett's shot is finally coming around, though it still won't set the world on fire, and Joe Johnson had a money outing against L.A. Even Paul Pierce showed some vintage looks.

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It has been a long, and frustrating season for the New York Giants offense. From the inability to run the ball for a majority of the year, to Eli Manning and the receiving core failing to find any sort of chemistry to generate points.

If there has been just one positive this season, it's?been worth every penny; and that is the play of Victor Cruz, who signed a five-year contract extension worth more than $43 million in July and may be worth way more than that after the struggles of the Giants offense came full-circle.

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In the Nets' win over the Boston Celtics, Joe Johnson played 38 minutes, but only managed seven points on 3-of-9 shooting and three rebounds.

Johnson did not attempt a shot until the?6:10?mark of the first quarter, and did not make a shot until hitting a three-pointer at the?3:11?mark of the second quarter, which was only his third shot attempt overall.

When Deron Williams was sidelined with injury, Johnson scored at least 15 points in seven of the nine games. But for some reason, Johnson does not take as aggressive an offensive approach when D-Will is on the floor.?Sure, Williams poured in a game-high 25 points in his return to action, but I think D-Will should be the one consistently setting up Johnson with open looks.

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Last month, Jeremy Kerley suffered a rather grim dislocation of his elbow but according to the wide receiver he's ready to take the field again this Sunday against the Raiders.


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Sure we can look at the Victor Cruz fumble that was returned for a touchdown or the three third-down conversions by Tony Romo on that final drive as the main reasons the Giants lost last weekend.

But really, settling for field goals in two early red zone opportunities ultimately resulted in Big Blue leaving points on the board, which in turn wound up being huge in the loss.

Offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride came under some heat for his play-calling within the 10-yard-line.

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All the focus this week in the Giants-Packers game has been on the fact that the Giants? defense will not have to face Aaron Rodgers ? arguably the best player at his position in the game.

But that doesn?t mean that the offense can take a back seat and simply rely on the defense to get stops. The defense has been great in the Giants? three-game winning streak, but now it?s time for the offense to do its share.

Offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride met the media on Thursday to discuss the state of his offense. Of course, he was very pleased with Andre Brown?s performance against the Raiders.

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A win streak is a win streak, but again, the Giants have plenty to work on offensively. Luckily it?s been the defense that has carried the team to two straight wins.

When looking at the box score of this game, you?d probably think that the Giants put together some impressive offensive drives.

Eli Manning completed 25 passes for 246 yards and didn?t turn the ball over for the second straight week. Two of his receivers ? Victor Cruz and Hakeem Nicks ? each caught seven passes. And Peyton Hillis ran for 70 yards on 20 carries.

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Let?s start off by saying that it is great that the Giants finally got into the win column.

But let?s be brutally honest: It was anything but pretty.

The Giants missed plenty of opportunities on offense in their 23-7 win Monday night over the Minnesota Vikings. This really could have been a 44-7 game, but again, for the struggling Giants, a win?s a win.

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Giants? offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride said he has not been disappointed with the effort his unit has shown through the five games.

The problem is that the Giants have lost all five of those games.

With the Giants taking on the Chicago Bears Thursday night, things do not get any easier, especially against a defensive unit known for getting pressure on opposing quarterbacks and creating turnovers.

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"I think it will take a little time. We have some players that can provide some offense and we can get contributions from different people, which is going to be key."

- Travis Zajac on the team finding offensive chemistry
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Giants? offseason coordinator Kevin Gilbride was back at the drawing board this week, desperately trying to get his offensive unit going.

He said it?s been extremely challenging so far but that he and his guys will keep plugging away until something works.

?I think the thing that has been encouraging, yet disappointing, is you see glimpses, so you say we have a shot here,? Gilbride said. ?We?re just not stringing enough of them together and that?s what we have to get better at. That?s that consistency thing and that?s where if you can keep doing the same things over and over, you?re going to limit or reduce the number of errors and you have a much better chance of stringing together those eight to 10-play drives that have been very characteristic of us, but not this year.?

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We here a Big Blue Blitz all agree, the Giants' defense is not the problem. The offense is. Their inability to sustain drives, poor third down conversion rate, red zone failures and penchant for turnovers has crushed this team's chances in the first four weeks of the season.

What can be done? Plenty. Even with the makeshift offensive line, the Giants only need to make a few adjustments to get the offense rolling again.

From Craig Santucci....

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Coming into Sunday, the Kansas City Chiefs had yet to turn the ball over. Three games, three wins and zero turnovers; for a reinvigorated and restructured?Kansas City team that has done a complete 180 degree turn from disastrous season just a year ago in which they finished 2-14.

The Giants were looking to bounce back from a 38-0 loss against the Carolina Panthers last week and?attempting to win their first game of the season?to?avoid starting?0-4 for the first time since 1987.

Three Kansas City turnovers, only one Eli Manning interception, 62 yards for Chiefs RB Jamaal Charles and 164 yards, plus a little salsa dance for Giants WR Victor Cruz...all signs would point to Big Blue's first win of the season; but looks can be deceiving.

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The Giants offense has been a mess to begin the 2013 season. They looked anemic in the preseason and their lackluster performance has carried over into the regular season.

The Giants offensive problems haven't appeared over night and they won't be solved as quickly either. The offense has been on a decline since Eli's 4,900+ yard passing season. A season in which the Giants had the second-to-last ranked rush offense and won a Super Bowl. Manning and the Giants went through their usual mid-season slump and had to open up the playbook to overcome some of the teams other deficiencies. Even then, offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride could hardly keep pace with his play calling. Eli Manning and the Giants consistently took the play clock down under :05. The playmaking of Victor Cruz and a healthy Hakeem Nicks made that offense special, not the play selection of Gilbride.

Gilbride's play calling has been stale since after the Giants first Super Bowl victory with QB Eli Manning. That playbook hasn't changed much since Gilbride was coaching in the 1980's, but the NFL has.

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After last weekend?s performance in Dallas, not much more could go wrong for the Giants. But offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride hopes the team can improve on the mistakes that cost them an opening-week loss.

The problem is that this week, Eli Manning will be going up against his older brother Peyton, who is fresh off a game in which he threw seven touchdown passes.

However, that is for the defense to worry about. The Giants? offense has plenty more to be concerned with than Peyton Manning?s performance.

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Giants? offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride is taking a wait-and-see approach to Sunday night?s opening season matchup with the Dallas Cowboys.

Sure, the offense has plenty to work on after an inconsistent preseason, but Gilbride wants to see his players in meaningful game action to see how they respond.

He is very excited about what second-year running back David Wilson brings to the table in a starting role. With Andre Brown out until at least midseason, Wilson will be the go-to guy in the backfield.

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All offseason and preseason, we?ve heard that the Giants will have one of the NFL?s best offenses.

On paper, I?d have to agree.

A quarterback with two Super Bowl M.V.P. awards. Two explosive and dynamic wide receivers. An up-and-coming talented receiver. A running back with blazing speed. Another power running back. And a tight end who led his team last year in receptions.

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Is there anything to you need to know about the Giants other than a slew of their top offensive players are dealing with injuries and are questionable for the season opener?

Of course, there is. The Giants would normally be testing the depth of their roster this week against the Jets, but now they have little choice....

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The Giants lost to the Indianapolis Colts 20-12 in their second preseason game, but had it not been for a lack of production in the red zone, the outcome could have been different.

The Giants? offense started three possessions in the first half at or inside the Colts? 12-yard line. Yet, the team managed to just settle for two field goals and have a turnover on downs.

There were a few positives offensively, but overall, a lot of work still needs to be done. It didn?t help that David Baas and Victor Cruz both went down with injuries on the opening drive ? though both X-rays (Baas? left knee and Cruz?s left foot) came back negative.

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Yesterday, I previewed the defense and was barely able to hold down my breakfast in the process. Today is a more pleasurable task - the offense. The Giants are entering a season with few questions on offense and one should be chock-filled with big plays and memorable moments.


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The Giants broke minicamp today with very few of their offseason issues yet resolved. On offense, Victor Cruz is still not signed and Hakeem Nicks (knee) was not turned completely loose during minicamp after skipping OTAs. ?They both missed valuable time so far this year, something OC Kevin Gilbride says no player, including them, can afford to do in this day and age.

"The thing is they haven?t been working," said Gilbride today. "They haven?t been listening. They haven?t been growing; they haven?t been developing. They haven?t been receiving the coaching that they need to get better. To be quite frank, they need it."

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The Giants hope to entrust OT James Brewer with more than the team's good-luck teddy bear this season.

We will be publishing short previews of each unit over the next few weeks. We'll start with the offensive line since the Giants spent their top selection on Syracuse's Justin Pugh in this year's NFL Draft.

Last year's starters - all returning this season:

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OL Rich Seubert played for the Giants for ten seasons.

The National Football League announced that 32 legendary NFL alumni, one representing each team, will announce live on Friday, April 26, second- and third-round Draft picks from Radio City Music Hall. This continues a successful program that began in 2011 in which each selection in the second round is announced by a former player.

The Giants will be represented by OL Rich Seubert, an undrafted free agent out of Western Illinois who played ten seasons for the Giants (2001-10) Seubert played both guard and center and was a member of one of the steadiest offensive lines in pro football.

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Assume for a second that the Giants work out a long-term extension for star wideout Victor Cruz.

And also assume that Hakeem Nicks can stay healthy for an entire season ? a big assumption certainly.

But if the above scenarios occur coupled with new roles and additions, the Giants could have one of the top receiving corps in the NFL next season.

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Alright, here we go. Four days into free agency and we have no major significant signings by the Giants. The top move they've made was signing DT Cullen Jenkins, but that transpired before free agency began.

Let's take a quick look at the current needs on the offensive side of the ball and who on the roster may be stepping into key starting roles this fall.

Openings: LG, RT, TE, RB, Backup QB

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