Blogging the bEast's Jimmy Kempski pinch-hit for me last night at the ESPN Draft Party. Below are some of his observations:

Alabama OT DJ Fluker is one of the most enormous people I?ve ever seen. If you put $10,000 on a table behind him, and said ?If you can get around this guy and get that money in less than 15 seconds, it?s yours, but you might get hurt by trying,? I think I?d just take a pass.

However, if the same offer were on the table for a smaller guy (relatively speaking) like Lane Johnson, I?d probably break my arm in the attempt, but I?d at least give it a shot. Then again, I?m not an NFL pass rusher with 4.6 speed who can bend and dip around the corner. That?s where Fluker?s struggles may eventually come from in the NFL. His footwork will have to improve, but the man has something you can?t teach? and that?s having 36 3/4? arms.

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The Patriots lost the Super Bowl sunday night to the New York Giants but you couldn't tell that from this photo.

Patriots' players Rob Gronkowski and Matt Light were photographed living it up after the game. Gronk surely looks 100% here if you ask me.

So even though you can find countless videos of Pats fans bawling post game on the internet, it seems as though the players took the defeat in stride.

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