Pat Riley

There was a time where I held Pat Riley in serious regard, as I'm sure all Knicks fans did at one point. He coached, motivated and led a bunch of rugged Knicks to the cusp of a title.

Then the power got to his head.

It was a clear power struggle between he and Dave Checketts. Checketts had the bigger seat at the table. Riley faxed in his resume.

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My first memories of Patrick Ewing were in 1982 when he was a raw freshman at Georgetown who blocked everything in site.

Fast forward a few years later and the memory that stands out? was listening to the radio in my dad's Dodge Aries driving home from a soccer game and hearing the news that the Knicks won the NBA lottery. The news was earth shattering, Ewing was a Knick.

What followed was a historic career, and although that elusive championship never came, to me, the Big Fella represented all that was right about being a Knick.

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Assuming the Heat are awarded the first overall pick at the NBA Lottery, which takes place in Secaucus in a few weeks, they may not be sold on Kansas State forward Michael Beasley, the Kansas City Star is reporting.

A scout for a team in the Eastern Conference thinks Miami has a real dilemma on its hands if it goes first, even though it looks as if the Heat is point-guard challenged because Jason Williams is free-agent material, Marcus Banks still has some proving to do, and Chris Quinn probably is best suited as a reserve.

?Miami is trying to take the pressure off Dwyane Wade from handling the ball, so Rose really, really would free him up from injuries and doing so much work,? the scout said, ?but it also doesn?t make a whole lot of sense passing up Michael Beasley.? I've had Beasley as the top pick all year, he reminds me of a young Derrick Coleman, which may not be a good thing. But, he can play both inside and outside and is lefty which is such an advantage when trying to get your shot off inside. (See the scoring ability of athletically challenged Zach Randolph.) One prominent Big East assistant once told me if he had an all lefty starting five "he'd never lose a game."

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Newsday columnist Shaun Powell opines on the lack of truly "special" coaches that are left in the NBA and believes that the Knicks have never truly recovered from the end of Pat Riley's tenure. Powell discusses the qualities that a successful NBA coach must possess and wonders if Mark Jackson can translate his basketball acumen from the behind the microphone to the bench.

There is no doubt in my mind that Gregg Popovich, Riley, and Big Chief Triangle are all Hall-of-Famers who have an incredible knack for having their teams so prepared to win on a nightly basis. That being said, Tim Duncan, Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, and Shaq make winning a heck of a lot easier. I believe that there are a number of coaches who would have been equally successful in the same situations.

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Miami Heat president and Knicks turncoat Pat Riley (hold on to your hats folks!) stepped down as head coach and turned the reigns over to assistant Erik Spoelstra, who instantly becomes the youngest head coach in the NBA (37 years).

"While we are always looking for NBA talent to perform on the court, the most important talent that you may find has to perform on the bench, in the locker room, late at night, watching film, motivating and executing all the responsibilities of a head coach," Riley said. "I believe Erik Spoelstra is one of the most talented young coaches to come around in a long time."
What bothers me most about Riley's antics is that he's the Bill Parcells of the NBA. He's such a damn good coach, but is just way too antsy to be taken seriously. Still can't get over him faxing in his resignation though.

....Andrew Smith writes....

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Frank Isola reports that Kenny Smith will interview with the Knicks this week.

Meanwhile, Marc Berman says that Raptors coach Sam Mitchell, who played in Indiana for three years during his NBA career, may factor in the Knicks coaching plan should the Raptors lose in the first round of the playoffs. Mark Jackson is also expected to talk to the Bulls on Wednesday.

It figures Bryan Colangelo may reach out to Mike D'Antoni should the Suns fall to the Spurs, which should happen soon, but Mitchell to the Knicks seems a longshot at best. Jackson to the Bulls is an equal long shot, as the Bulls need an experienced leader to resolved their locker room issues.

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