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There's a few mentions of Darrelle Revis in today's MMQB column on Sports Illustrated.

First, Peter King writes an idea that most of us would probably just answer with a "yeah ... and?" except for probably the last three words.

I think when I see headlines about the Jets keeping an open mind on whether or not to trade Darrell Revis, I am heartened that they have not lost their minds. Then I think: They're just saying that. There's far too much smoke out there, and far too little whispering to sources off the record that Revis is going nowhere, for me to believe they aren't desperate to move him. Mistakenly, of course.
Mistakenly? ?It comes down to pragmatism. ?Whether he's the most talented player the Jets have had on their team in a long time is besides the point. ?The owner is unwilling to meet his escalating contract demands and Revis doesn't like to play on a contract that he doesn't feel like values him properly. ?But if the Jets are so desperate to move him and there's so few teams to work with ... why are the Jets unwilling to take whatever the market has offered? ?The Eagles have bowed out, and the two teams (Falcons & Niners) that Team Revis floated have been shot down by the teams themselves.

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Peter King is making his training camp run, and has some thoughts about the Jets offense this season. ?While he touches a number of topics, King shares his impressions of his conversation with Mark Sanchez regarding Tim Tebow and how he feels about the backup soaking up some first team snaps in game situations. ?Sanchez told King he implicitly trusts Tony Sparano to know when to utilize whom, and then King gives his impressions of the situation.

In other words, the Jets are going to put Tebow in the game, on offense and on special teams, regularly. They've been careful not to ruffle Sanchez's feelings about it, apparently even letting him know what the plan is, and Sanchez, who has a very good relationship with the new offensive coordinator, feels Sparano's not going to trample on him to make Tebow a part of the offense. It's a tight rope walk, and who knows what Sanchez really is feeling if part of the plan is subbing Tebow for Sanchez when the Jets get inside the opponents' 5-yard line, for instance.


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In this week's Sports Illustrated, Peter King gives his prediction for Sunday night's Giants-Colts game in Indianapolis:

The Brothers Manning play but once every four years. Over the summer Peyton, of the Colts, said he hopes he can savor this week's game against Eli, of the Giants, because he doesn't know how many more of the matchups there will be. But the elder Manning probably won't have much time for reflection. Peyton got beaten up in a Week 1 loss to the Texans?he was sacked twice and hit 10 times?and he'll be facing a new New York defensive front that against Carolina on Sunday was reminiscent of the ferocious group that harassed Tom Brady into five sacks in the Super Bowl three years ago. Expect Peyton to have trouble throwing downfield. If the Giants can make Colts tight end Dallas Clark a nonfactor, they'll win. One problem: No one makes Dallas Clark a nonfactor. Colts 24, Giants 20
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Can you believe it??

Sports Illustrated's? Peter King has predicted the New York Giants to win the NFC East with a 11 & 4 record.?

His reasoning for the prediction...a combination between the "NASCAR" defensive scheme where all four defensive down lineman are pash rushing ends(Tuck, Kiwi, Osi, JPP), Perry Fewell's ability to call a defense similar to the great Steve Spagnuolo and a healthy Chris Canty.

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SI's Peter King has just released his Postcard from Giants Camp over at SI.com.

As usual its a great read.  Check it out.
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